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2021 Breeders’ Cup Challenge Betting Tips And Tricks

| October 18, 2021

As we march towards the end of this year, the horse racing competition gets more thrilling. On November 5 and 6, the Breeders’ Cup Challenge will culminate at Del Mar Racetrack, highlighting fifteen racing brackets. With that, fans and bettors can surely witness an electrifying and gripping racing show like what the Breeders’ Cup is always known for. 

Unlike other horse racing tournaments happening globally, the Breeders’ Cup gives more than $10 million in prizes. Not only that, there are tons of betting opportunities available both online and offline that bettors can participate in. These wagering games can surely help you grow your bankroll if you do it properly. 

While it’s true that betting at the Breeders’ Cup is fun,  picking the right horses might be more challenging than you think. All horses deserve to win as they worked hard establishing their form since birth. To get you guided on how to choose tvg’s top contenders for the 2021 breeders cup, here are some helpful wagering guides to ponder. 

Bet On The Races You Know 

As mentioned, the Breeders’ Cup engages many categories every year. The participating horses are pre-qualified depending on the bracket they belong to. Also, some games are exclusive for fillies and mares, which can also help you earn significantly. As such, you have wide choices to pick which game to bet on.

While all racing games offer attractive prizes at stake, make sure to bet on races you only know. Although it’s not bad to risk on races while you are still learning, it’s best to settle within your comfort zone. It is because you already know what to do, especially the requirements each horse needs to fulfill before they saddle up. 

Don’t Forget The Champion Horses 

The Breeders’ Cup is always scheduled towards the end of the year as it will stage champion horses who will vie for the said title. It serves as the exclamation point of the racehorse’s career and measures how strong their form can look. It is an important event for three-year-old thoroughbreds as this is their last chance to nail an impressive career.

When betting for the Breeders’ Cup, it’s best to look for champion horses. Some have come from the most prestigious tournaments like the  Kentucky Derby, Pegasus World Cup, Belmont Stakes, Santa Anita Derby, and even Preakness Stakes. If you choose to risk on the champion horses, you might hit the bullseye. 

Look For The Heavy Favorites 

In all horse race betting games, especially the Breeders’ Cup, bookies make odds ranking every week to grade, which is the top favorites. The order changes based on the acquired points of the horses through the tournaments they compete in before they reach the Breeders’ Cup. Not only that but favorites are also determined by top horse racing media and Breeders’ Cup ambassadors.

So, when you look for a horse to gamble in this event, find the heavy favorites. Compared to other sports betting games, horse racing is a game of speed, consistency, and agility.  A horse is not considered a favorite when they haven’t accomplished big wins in races that look the same as the Breeders’ Cup. 

Gauge On The Breeder, Jockey, And Trainer

Some bettors might think that horses can win only based on their skills. While it’s true, a horse doesn’t develop their talents alone. They undergo proper breeding and training before they participate in tournaments. As a bettor, you can check how the horses get bred and discover where they came from and their sire. 

Along with that is knowing the horse’s trainer and jockeys. The trainer is responsible for handicapping the horse’s agility skills. They make sure that each horse develops the right amount of speed before they are deployed to compete. 

Lastly, you can check on the jockey of a racehorse. They are the ones controlling the speed of the horses during a race. A jockey who can make the best connection with the horse as they compete is something you can risk upon. 

Distribute Your Bets Accordingly 

The Breeders’ Cup betting game, like other races, has two categories to wager. The Straight bets are the most common, which comprises the Win, Place, and Show. It is an easy category because you can pick horses you can gamble, and if they reach the finish line in any order, you win. 

On the other hand, the Exotic bets are a bit challenging. It is generally composed of Exacta, Trifecta, and Superfecta bets. You have to ensure you find horses who can step on the finish line in the right order. Hence, if you gamble for the upcoming Breeders’ Cup, make sure to distribute your bets accordingly. Always check the odds when betting on big races like the Breeders’ Cup.

Final Thoughts 

Generally, betting in the Breeders’ Cup is easy if you know how to position and gamble. All horses have unique skills to make it to the finish line and hopefully bring home the bacon. As a bettor, you only have to learn by applying the tips outlined above and do a little more research about the entries you are betting for to come off with flying colors. 

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