3 simple betting strategies for new horse race punters

| November 19, 2017

Strategies for horse racing punters

Considering the number of horse races that happen each day throughout the country, horse racing as a sport can prove to be a very complicated sport to bet on, even for the most experienced punters. And keeping that in mind, new punters can easily get overwhelmed with the huge variety of betting lines and horses that are a part of these races. Let’s acquaint you with 3 simple betting strategies that can come in pretty handy if you are new to horserace betting.

Focus on one state

If you are someone who wishes to avail the best horse racing betting offers for the UK and/or Australia, and wants to maximise his/her betting profits, you must focus all your energies on one single state. By doing so, you’d be able to familiarise yourself with the different trainers, jockeys, tracks and horses far more quickly.

Another important advantage of focusing on just one state is that the form lines are easier to read and comprehend as many horses run regularly against the same ones, enabling you to place more well-informed bets. Opting for specialisation on more isolated states such as Western Australia and Tasmania would make your task even easier. Tasmania, for instance hosts races only couple of times per week, so you’d be able to learn about the jockeys, horses and their abilities far more quickly, as it would be the same kind of horses running every week. For instance, you could easily back Hellova Street, Tasmania’s Horse of the Year, if he’s participating in any given race.

Steer clear of the exotic bets and concentrate on the win bets

Steer clear of exotic bets

Anyone new to horserace betting should always steer clear of the exotic bets and concentrate on the win bets instead. Although exotic bets can prove to be very profitable for experienced punters, new punters can find them pretty hard to profit from. Although big returns offered by trifectas and first 4s might seem pretty lucrative, you’re most likely to lose your money unless you get really lucky while indulging in these bets.

Not only do these exotic bets involve less winning chances, they also feature bigger take out rates, making long-term wins less likely, more so if you are not thorough with them. When you’re starting out with horserace betting, you must keep things simple and just try to predict the winner of every race. Furthermore, you should also stay constantly updated about the latest happenings in the Australian horseraces.

Punt on multiple runners in every race

Majority of horserace bettors punt only on one single runner in every race however, considering there might be value bets on offer for multiple runners, it wouldn’t make much sense for you to ignore them and go with just one single runner.

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