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5 Best horse race betting strategies you need for the 2023 Kentucky Derby

| March 14, 2023

Betting on horse racing games is one of the most enjoyable hobbies you can get into. Aside from watching your favorite horse racing event, you’ll also have the chance to earn more money on the sideline. 

Moreover, one of the most awaited horse racing events, the Kentucky Derby, will occur on May 6, 2023. It’s one of the most significant horse racing events in the United States, being the first leg of the Triple Crown. 

If you can play your cards right, you’ll have a significant chance of winning huge money in this event. One of the primary things you should do is to improve your chances of winning the 2023 Kentucky Derby. 

To help you, here are the five best race betting strategies you can study and try for the upcoming event.


Best horse race betting strategies
Best horse race betting strategies to put you in the payout queue on 2023 Kentucky Derby day

The Beaten Favorite System

Aside from researching the horses and handicapping the speed, knowing a strategy or two will allow you to improve your chances of winning and help you bag that huge horse racing payout.

The Beaten Favorite System focuses on a horse with a decent track record of winning but eventually losing in its most recent race. Keep in mind that there could be several reasons and millions of factors to consider why they have lost the game. This system assumes that the horse’s success record is something you should believe in and that their recent loss is only temporary.

Betting on a horse with the beaten favorite system indicates that you believe the horse will bounce back from their loss and perform well in their next race.

The Dutch Betting System

The dutch betting strategy (or the dutching system) is one of the easiest betting strategies you can learn. The dutching system only involves placing different bets on the same event. The main goal is to win a single outcome from the multiple outcomes you’ve placed in one way or another. 

Even though this betting system isn’t completely guaranteed, it will provide you with an equal profit Thus, increasing your chances of making a profit. The only catch is that you should know the right wager to place.

The Place Laying System

The place laying system, laying horses strategy, or the place to lay, is one of the Kentucky Derby betting strategies you should know. One of its vital elements is that you must be able to follow the horse racing event live to utilize this betting system. 

Moreover, this laying horse strategy involves wagering or trading on a horse through laying. When you wager to lay, it’s like you’re a bookmaker where you have to pay your possible winnings, but you can also win the stake. 

Going back, the place laying system is a strategy that places thoroughbreds to lose in the Place Market on betting exchanges. You’ll need to lay two horses from one race with unfavorable odds. You can bring home your winnings if one or both of your chosen horses loses the race. 

For this system to work, you’ll need to find a race between five and seven contenders. You would like the event to only pay for the first and second finishers in the each-way market, making the Kentucky Derby the perfect event for this betting system. 

The 80/20 System

This type of betting system is also relatively popular among horse racing bettors. This betting system involves betting on the same horses to win and get a place in the race. 

To explain this strategy, you have to place more money on the horse that will finish second or place, which will take the 80% ratio. Then, you need to place the remaining 20% on the horse that will finish first or outright win the race.

The 80/20 system considers the possibility of your favorite horses falling off their tracks. This means many things can happen in a race, and many factors could affect your horse’s performance. 

For instance, your favorite may have a good start running in front of other runners but then starts to slow down as they reach the final stretch and only finish as second or third. So, the 80/20 system would be a perfect solution for scenarios like this.

The Yankee System

Last on this list is the Yankee system, one of the oldest horse race betting strategies of all time. This system involves several bets that allows bettors to place many bets to be placed at the same time. That’s why bettors should carefully think about their possible losses and gains when betting using this system.

The Yankee system involves choosing four horses with 11 individual bets across your selected picks. You can get six doubles, one four-fold accumulator, and four trebles in this bet. So, you can succeed in the Yankee system if at least two of your four picks get to finish first or second in the race. Thus, improving your security even if a few of your picks didn’t win, but the return can be lower than other types of betting strategy.

Final Thoughts 

Ultimately, the best type of betting strategy will depend on how you would play your cards. You must still know the horse’s records and understand the game to implement the strategy properly. Nonetheless, strategies help in improving your chances of winning. To secure your chances, continue studying the strategies mentioned above!

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