5 horse racing secrets to improve your profit winnings

| July 4, 2019
horse racing betting
Horse racing is immensely popular around the world so there’s always an opportunity to have a punt.

Horse races take place around the world nearly every day. The number of races that run means you always have a race to wager on. Horse racing can be a lucrative sport to bet on, but you have to know how to bet to continuously do well. Horse racing followers can find a great race nearly every day of the week and they can register here to stay up to date on the top horses and bet on for the next big event. Whether you want to bet on a horse race every day or once a week, these 5 horse racing secrets will improve your profit winnings.

1. Don’t be afraid of underdogs

Horse racing is a unique sport. Unlike the Premier League, NBA, or NFL in which the favourite typically wins every game, horse racing is often times wide open. Don’t be swayed by the favourites just because their odds aren’t as long as the rest of the field. 

It is easy to forget, a favourite’s odds to win the race decreases as more punters back the horse. You can be fooled into wagering on a favourite thanks to others betting on it. It is a type of mob mentality that persuades bettors to wager a specific runner. It doesn’t necessarily mean they will win. 

2. Check different bookies

Certain websites are brilliant tools for horse race bettors to employ. For example, using websites that aggregate odds from various bookies gives you the chance to find the best odds when wagering on a horse race.

An official race bookie may even give different odds to the ones delivered by online sportsbooks. Much of the time, online sportsbooks provide bettors with better odds as they are able to take on more bets for an event.

3. Focus on high-level horse racing

Remember when we said there are horse races nearly every day? Well, many of the daily races are what are called “low-level” races. This means there is little and sometimes inaccurate information regarding the horses that compete in these events.

It is better to focus on high-level horse racing. Stick to the named races that take place each month that feature well-known horses with statistics that back their performances. There is a reason people who go to the racetrack every day tend to lose a lot of money when betting on the ponies. It is because they don’t focus their betting strategy.

Horse race betting
There’s always a horse race to bet on.

4. Look for patterns

If you analyze horse races over a certain amount of time, you will find patterns begin to emerge. For example, you may find a horse wins consecutive races or finishes in the top 3 routinely. You may also notice a specific jockey rides top-performing horses or a trainer continually produces horses that win.

Patterns can emerge if you truly study horse racing. These patterns can give you an edge when betting and help you increase profits. 

5. Read and follow the experts

The Internet makes horse race betting information available 24/7. Is all the information good? Not necessarily, but there is plenty of great content out there on horses and races.

Social media is filled with tipsters who have made a career out of betting. There are also blogs dedicated to giving bettors the latest tips on horse race betting. You should always do your own research and don’t take everything to heart that is said by one tipster. 

If you can unlock these secrets to horse race betting, you should see your profits grow over time when betting on the ponies.

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