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About the village

Thoroughbred Village is the premier online horse racing community in Australia and ranks equally with the most popular communities in all parts of the world.

As testament to our global reach, in an independent poll conducted in Kentucky USA, Thoroughbred Village was ranked as the world’s best horse racing forum.

Thoroughbred Village is also one of the region’s oldest websites devoted solely to thoroughbred horse racing. It was established in October 2000 and quickly became known for it’s premium quality content and friendly atmosphere. We have seen many websites come and go over the years, however what has kept Thoroughbred Village at the forefront over this time is the community, which is made up of passionate fans and devotees of this great and noble sport.

The Thoroughbred Village website offers loads of great features, entertainment and valuable information to make the online horse racing experience more enjoyable, informative and profitable! However, we don’t think of ourselves as simply a website. Thoroughbred Village is an experience that stretches across all parts of our online lives, from Twitter to Facebook to our ever-popular message forums. Thoroughbred Village is part of many people’s lives and we hope it is part of yours.

Thoroughbred Village benefits from the support of thousands of its members around Australia, New Zealand and more distant places such as the United States, United Kingdom, Middle East and Asia, all of whom  regularly contribute to its dynamic and interesting array of content.