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| November 19, 2020

One particular bookmaker is breaking new ground in terms of the quality and quantity of betting promotions for their members. Unibet Australia are offering daily Uplifts, Price Pushes and Bonus Backs for their members. Unibet aims to be the market leader for smart punters and as such they are promoting some amazing extra services. Punters in Australia can benefit from the current competition in the bookmaker space and take advantage of the spectacular promotions on offer.

Once you become a member of Unibet Australia, and it’s really easy to join, you’ll see an incredible array of extra services and promotions. They enclose it all in what they call “The Vault” which is a repository for an amazing range of benefits. The benefits include price uplifts, price pushes and bonus backs (explained below) and once you start using them it will become second nature to add them to your bets when available. Once you become a member you should really check The Vault daily as things are added on a regular basis. It’s not unusual to receive many bonuses as they do in a high roller casino online, for example.

Price uplifts on selected races

Uplifts – Unibet pick out a race or an entire program and uplift the odds on every runner. This means that if you wish to bet on a horse at say $5, the price is crossed out and instead you get even greater odds. The percentage increase varies but it’s worth grabbing it while you can. Last weekend for instance, uplifted odds were offered on every single runner for every race at two feature meetings. This was on top of their usual practice of offering Uplift every day on every Race 1 at every thoroughbred meeting in Australia. So, if you fancy a bet in one of these races, enjoy the extra odds available as an uplift, better odds than any other bookmaker in Australia.

Price Pushes on selected runners

Price Push – The odds for a selected runner on a particular day is increased (pushed) to a level not offered elsewhere in Australia. Instead of the common price that everyone is offering, this runner is priced at greater odds to give punters an extra level of return should the horse win. Which horse is given the “Price Push” is up to the traders at the company but rest assured it’s usually one of the fancied runners. They most likely have a reason for pushing the price, which I think may relate to needing to lay the horse due to previous massive bets, however whatever the reason, why not take advantage!

On Zipping Classic Day at Sandown for instance, Unibet offered the Price Push Special on Race 3. They pushed Kemalpasa from the widely available $2.60 to an incredible $3.80. The horse won, so members were treated to an amazing return on the warm favourite.

Bonus Backs on selected races

Bonus Backs – How disappointing is it to see your horse beaten into second place. Worry no more. In selected races, you can get your stake returned as a Bonus Bet when your selection runs 2nd. There is no extra charge involved, it’s just a free bonus to add a little security to your bet. You won’t ever again be disappointed when your selection is beaten in a photo finish.

When to use bet bonuses

It’s easy to apply these bonuses to the first bet you make. However, we believe punters can use them more strategically to maximise returns. For Uplifts, you can bet more confidently in these selected races, knowing that there is increased value in the bet. For a Price Push, if you select the horse to win, it’s worth betting on it because again the price is the best you will find in Australia. For Bonus Backs, you can try a selection at longer odds because even if it is beaten into second place, at least you get a bonus bet in return. Such strategies are typically used in a casino online to maximise customer winnings.

More promotions every day

Many other betting promotions are available to make your experience more enjoyable and profitable. Remember that these bonuses are available to members on most race days. When you become a member by simply clicking on any one of the banners on our site and signing up, your bet bonuses are available in “The Vault”, an online repository for the promotions they decide to provide for customers. Members are able to enjoy a smorgasbord of betting bonuses. With such benefits, the punter is able to bet in a supportive, safe and secure betting environment.

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