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| November 28, 2018

The bigger part of the season is still ahead, let’s discuss the team’s chances of repeating their triumph

The basketball season is in full swing, and now it has become much easier to not miss anything important. You need to visit the website of sports statistics providing information in real time and you will always learn a lot.

In the current season, the main favorite in the fight for the NBA champion title is the Golden State again. The current winners not only did not lose any of their leaders, but also managed to strengthen a number of problematic positions, thanks to which they managed to increase the competition within the team. Moreover, now many players want to join the Golden State based solely on sports principles and choose the team even if other clubs offer them more money.

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The bigger part of the season is still ahead, let’s discuss the teams chances of repeating their triumph.

Warriors Prospects in Fight for Title

The current season shows how even a single player can sometimes influence the situation in the standings. A typical example of this is departure of LeBron James from Cleveland, after which the finalist of the last four seasons fell to the last place in the standings, and now it is clear that the team has no chances of getting into the playoffs.

In such circumstances, the Golden State looks much more confident, because the team has:

  1. Excellent choice of players. There are no big stars in the team, but they are a solid team, in which one player is always ready to come to replace another, if hes not playing well.
  2. Tactical flexibility. The team plays using all the weaknesses of its competitors, which makes it almost invulnerable, although it is impossible to go through the season without losing the form.
  3. Leadersform. Now, all the stars of the team are in the ideal age (most of them are 26-29 years old) in order to once again show their maximum and achieve the desired result.

You can always follow the development of events in the strongest basketball league of the world on the website of sports statistics, where special attention is paid to basketball.

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