Birdsville: Australia’s wildest horse races

| November 15, 2019
Birdsville races
Birdsville races is a unique racing experience not to be missed

The Birdsville Races are a blast from the Australian past. It is a trip back in time to an outpost situated in the Queensland outback far from modern comforts. Its uniqueness is what draws so many horse race punters and adventure seekers to the dry, dusty stretches of land to watch two days of horses racing every September. Australian punters can use the latest 10BET bonus code to wager on the top races this year and pick the horses they believe will when the big races. 

While the glitz and glamour of the Melbourne Cup and other races exist in the big cities, the Birdsville Races are the polar opposite with grit and grime in the outback.

The appeal of Birdsville

Punters come from all over Australia to witness Birdsville. It is quite a sight and something that all sports fans – not just horse racing punters – should experience at least once. Birdsville is like something out of a film in which racegoers wager on horses and jockeys in a remote region on a dusty racecourse. 

Yet, the town of around 700 (one estimate claims only 100 people live in the town itself) is not out of a film. Racing in Birdsville dates back to 1882 and this year, the event celebrated its 137rd edition. 

Travellers to Birdsville come by road in SUVs and trucks as they barrel towards the tiny town in clouds of dust. However, most punters fly into Birdsville with hundreds of planes and helicopters occupying the town’s landing strip. 

Around 8,000 people were on hand for this year’s two-day event making it yet another wild weekend in the remote town. It is that remoteness and throwback to yesteryear that drives many to attend the races in the first place. 

A world of its own

Birdsville is the antithesis of horse racing in Melbourne and Sydney. While the two major cities host world-famous races and attract clientele that seeks glitz and glamour, Birdsville has nothing of the sorts. 

The weekend of races has a “whatever goes” mindset when it comes to clothing as the heat and dust make it impossible to wear top fashions. Many of the racegoers don swimming googles to prevent the dust kicked up during races from going into their eyes. 

Rather than champagne in crystal flutes, punters chug beers from tinnies two at a time. It is like an American frat-boy party combined with horse racing in the middle of the desert. 

One of the biggest changes to the Birdsville Races this year wasn’t on the racetrack, but in the stands. A younger demographic was seen with Millennials arriving to get a taste of the true Australia. In a similar phenomenon to Millennials in the United Kingdom and United States, younger Aussies are looking within rather than outward for adventure and it showed in Birdsville. 

The Birdsville Races are growing in popularity and its marquee race the Birdsville Cup headlined the weekend. The two-day event is more than just races. It is truly an experience like no other in the sport and the 2020 event is going to be the best yet.

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