Do’s and Don’ts of horse race betting

| April 24, 2018

Do’s and Don’ts of horse race betting

Although horserace betting is a lot about luck, you can always use certain strategies that can help you win over the long term. If you’re planning to make a career out of horserace betting or want to score some life-changing wins, you must learn a good deal not just about the sport, but about betting as well. It’s only then that you’d have a shot at the 5% club that never loses any money!

Although you can access some highly reliable horse racing tips on the Internet, it’s critical that you pay equal attention to the basics too. Let’s acquaint you with some of the dos and don’ts of horserace betting.

Do: Master the principles of successful betting

Betting on sports and investing into stock market have plenty in common. Although they might look seemingly distinct methods of gambling, they share several principles.

Both deal with logic, chance and risk, all of which must be weighed as well as carefully managed, before coming to any decision. Bet thoughtfully and you’d stand a chance to win huge sums of money from minimum investment, like this punter.

Do: Stay updated about the latest betting odds

It’s extremely important that you stay constantly updated about the latest betting odds. There are several online sources where you can access such information. Apart from the news websites, there are a good number of informative websites (on horse racing) that can help you stay on top of the latest horserace betting odds.

Do: Maintain a record of all your horse race bets

If you’re someone who bets pretty frequently, it might be hard to keep track of your wins and losses. It’s extremely important that you maintain a record of all your horse race bets, so you can look back and see where you went right or wrong. Three most important aspects you must record in this regard are: type of race, track condition and the race date. Here’s all the popular races you must bet on in 2018.

Don’t: Place blind bets

If you’re serious about making money from horserace betting, it’s important that you pass up races every now and then, and never place any blind bets. You must gain as much knowledge and information related to the concerned horse or race, so that you can bet on it without any worries.

Don’t: Bet everything you’ve got

It’s the basic rule of any type of sports betting that you must maintain a separate bankroll for it. Furthermore, you must never wager all your money in one go, and never risk losing more than you are prepared to. Although it might seem tempting to win huge sums of money quickly, the reality is 95% of horserace bettors end up on the losing side. Your bankroll should at least be 50 times of your normal betting unit.

Don’t: Ignore the finer details

You must never bet on a horse just because your intuition tells you to. You must understand that horse’s past performances, the surface type its racing on, its history with the jockey and its level of competition, before putting any money on it. Furthermore, you must also pay attention to the finer details like how it is behaving or moving in the paddock right before the race.

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