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| November 12, 2019
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Quality fabric is the key to stunning outfits at the races

Premier world horse racing carnivals like the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival in Australia are not only showcases for elite thoroughbreds but also key events to highlight women’s fashion.

“Fashions on the field” originated at the Flemington Spring Carnival in 1962 and quickly became a launching pad for iconic fashion trends. On Victoria Derby Day 1965 at Flemington, English model Jean Shrimpton took the fashion world by storm when she wore her famous white miniskirt. Since then, horse racing has been pivotal for the launch of new fashion lines for women.

Everyone tries to live by the saying, wear to live and live to wear. The global fashion label, Tissura, strives to bring a wide collection of fabric for everyone. You need it, they have it. Seasons do not matter because they have everything that you require.  You don’t have to worry about a cloth which is three seasons away to get to fashion, as they ensure you have the right fabric when you need it. Ranging from traditional classy collections to ultra-modern fabrics, they present unique and killer designs.

In their winter collection 2019 – Fabric for women, they’ve got a variety of fabrics to match your winter requirements. Cotton, artificial fiber, wool and faux make most of fabric assortment. The quality is unequaled, thanks to top partners globally. 

Top fabric for women this winter

Without taking note of the season, Tissura are committed to protecting you from the extreme weather like is the case with dangerous cold experienced in winter. The quality fabric has multiple layers to aid in thermal insulation. Additionally, you’ll love the winter collection because they are water-resistant. Some of the top fabrics are highlighted for this winter so that you can get the most ideal one. Winter trends have to match both color and material.

Cotton fabric

These glamorous fabrics have their origin in Italy. Viscose and Cotton Tweed flannel is one that will give you the best match for this winter. You will find those which Viscose forms the largest composition of 65% while the cotton makes up the remaining percentage. It has a herringbone pattern, alternating between white and blue with some slight blue twists. 

During this winter collection, this fabric is ideal for dresses or skirts in the women’s fashion category given the fact that it’s opaque. It’s smooth, soft and warm thus befitting the cold weather of winter.

Wool fabric

Once again, this fabric originates from Italy. You can’t question this, given the fact that Italy is synonymous with fashion. Since they are plenty, let’s focus on the most popular this winter, double-faced wool flannel, stretch tweed wool, sequined tweed boucle and wool boucle. These fabrics consist of two layers, one is checked in several mono colors while the other is a mixture of the same or different color, making it look solid to onlookers. It is soft to touch and it’s 100% opaque. 

For the winter season, it’s best to combine both sides to create a dress, skirt, coat or jacket. For the coat or jacket, you’ll have to combine with other coat fabrics to get the ideal garment for the cold season. 

Jacquard fabric

From France, there are plenty of fabrics with a metallic sparkle in the winter 2019 collection. The metallic blend is the bottom line of the winter 2019 fashion trend. The jacquard fabric features a dark green background with a light grey check. The color combinations form a houndstooth decoration.  This fabric is soft and opaque. Inserting a lining can provide you with more comfort given the mixture of the silver metallic threads. You can make skirts, dresses or bomber jackets.

Denim fabric

This is probably one of the most controversial fabrics of all time. Some people will argue that it’s made from cotton fibers and thus should be classified as cotton fabric. However, with new technology, hemp is being used instead while those who stick to cotton blend it with spandex to ensure it stretches. 

Denim never loses relevance, generation after generation embraces it with slight innovation and modification. For this reason, it is included in the winter collection 2019 – fabric for women. It can be used to make jackets, dresses, skirts, belts, hats, and sneakers. The variety of colors such as olive, light & navy blue are stunning. 

Denim fabric is made of cotton and Poly Acrylic with small compositions of polyester, and viscose. The silver threads are used to weave the fabrics and give them a remarkable look. Some of the fabrics have either fur or fringe effects or combined. Comfort, style, and warmth must be achieved, therefore, extra layers might be necessary. 

Faux fur fabric

These fabrics have floral stitching in a variety of colors. The flowers are stitched in light blue, graphite, grey, brown or golden hues. Jakob Schlaepfer of Switzerland does great artwork in designing this fabric. You can make nice outerwear from this soft fabric with an assurance of warmth all day. 


Quality fabric is at the heart of every outfit for the Spring racing carnival in Melbourne. We’ve highlighted some of the top fabric for women in 2019’s winter collection, however you’ll find it necessary to combine several fabrics to create a unique, fashionable and comfortable piece of cloth. Tissura gives you the best suppliers of fabrics in case a combination is needed. With outstanding fabric and a stunning look, we vow and declare you’ll be a winner at the world’s greatest horse racing event.

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