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| November 8, 2018

It’s best to understand the basic terminology of horse betting

Horse racing betting has always been there ever since horses could race. In the US it had been one of two forms of gambling that was allowed under the PASPA Act. Even today, betting on horse racing remains as popular as ever.

Have you ever visited a race track? If not then that’s where you are missing on all the action. The beauty of horse racing is at the race track. It is not like your ordinary smoky live casino; youget to have a lot of fun at the race track whether you win or not. But let’s be honest with each other, a win feels amazing.

Admission at the race track is quite inexpensive when you compare it to other sports venues.  For instance, the admission fee at a horse racing track is about $2. On the other hand, going to an NBA game can cost you almost $400.

If you have decided to venture into horse race betting,then that’s a good venture. However, it is best to keep up with the basics. There are a lot of phrases and terms which one needs to understand. Especially if you are in it to win some bit change then continue reading this article.

How to Do Horse Betting Right?

There are two types of wagers which you have to choose while horse race betting. They are straight wagers and exotic wagers.

A straight bet is the simplest form of wagering. It simply means that you are wagering in a specific horse either to come first place, second or third. If the horse you had wagered on to become first place finishes second by even a nose,then you lose.

The minimum amount of money which you can place is $2. Here is a look at some of the most common terms used in straight wagers.

  • Across the board – This means that you are choosing three horses to come in the first, second and third places.
  • In the money – The horses come in the order which you had selected.
  • Place – A horse which has finished in second place.
  • Show –A horse which comes in third place.

Exotic wagering, on the other hand, sounds a bit fancier. It lets you make multiple wagers on a single bet. They are a bit tough to win thus require some level of professionalism. However, they earn more money than straight wagers. Some of the common terms used are:

  • Boxed Bet – This means that you are covering all possible finishing of multiple bets.
  • Exacta – You are betting on horses to come in first place and in second place in exact
  • Quinella – you are betting on two horses to come in first or second place in any order.
  • Each-way – In each-way betting, you are betting for the win and the place in a single bet.
  • Trifecta – For the Trifecta, you are betting on any three horses to come in first place, second and third place. Thus for you to win then that need to come in the order which you have selected.

Have you tried out your luck in horse betting yet?

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