Horse racing betting – understanding the game

| February 16, 2016
Horse racing betting

Horse racing betting

People have been betting on horses for a very long. It is possibly one of the earliest forms of sports betting. Regardless of this fact most bettors do it without a concrete knowledge of what they are doing.

Let me try shade a bit of light to this age old game. There are several ways to bet when it comes to horse races. Bets are grouped into two categories; straight wagers and exotic wagers. Straight wagers are bets that are placed on one horse while exotic wagers involve placing bets on several horses. Straight bets are cheaper and less complicated while exotic bets are expensive and nearly impossible to win for novices.

To place a successful bet you need the name of the race track, the number of the race, the type of wager and the size of your bet. Make sure the information on the ticket is correct before leaving the counter.

You need to master the art of handicapping. Handicapped is the picking of the horse. It is essential to learn how to read the race day program. This will improve your ability to successfully handicap horses. Extra information you need includes class of the race. If the horse has gone up a class he might not do well. Check the horse’s previous performance on the surface type and the history of the jockey. Use the odds to help you make a winning bet.

Watch the horses in the paddock; you might be able to see signs of how the horse is going to race. Like in all forms of betting stick to your budget!

Horse racing is an exciting activity. Once you get to understand it you can make quite a bit of money for yourself while thoroughly enjoying yourself. For online gambling tips and new casino games, visit Online Casino | Australia’s Favourite Online Casino Bonuses | Casino Mate.


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