Horse Racing in Australia

| February 24, 2019
Aussies love horse racing so much it’s an important part of the culture of the nation.

Australians love horse racing. It’s one of the most popular activities in Australia after football and rugby, and with good reason. In Australia, you can find more than 300 race locations; this is one of the countries with the most horse racing in the world. Australia also comes in third as the top prize money awarded country for horse racing – with only Japan and America winning them out. It goes to follow, certainly, that when people love something, they want to enjoy it. And if they can’t always get to the races and enjoy it in person, then they will do the next best thing. What is that? It’s online horse racing, of course. And as any of the Australian online sites will tell you – they want you to have a blast with horse racing. The Australian online casino review at Casino Proper is chock full of information about horse racing, as are the reviews for many other sites.

More about Horse Racing

For those who are interested in more history, the first racing took place in Australia in 1819 in Hyde Park. Then, in 1842 the Australian Jockey Club was formed and a number of other racing clubs followed in this pattern. The Australian Stud Book came along in 1878, showing that there were obviously a lot of people interested in horse racing and in creating stud farms who could race thoroughbreds.

Horse racing background

There are a number of ways that you can bet in online horse racing including fixed odds betting (the most popular), tote betting and exchange betting. For the fixed odds betting, you place a wager with a bookmaker on specific odds happening. For tote betting, the payout is based on how much was wagered on the total race and on how may people picked the horse that won. With exchange betting you actually make the bets with other wagers and not with the bookmaker.

Horse Racing Tips

There are many tips you can find about horse racing. It’s important to read a lot in order to get ideas. Here we present you with just a beginner’s guide to tips on horse racing. First, you want there to be a great relationship between the jockey and the horse. If you have a chance to look into the jockeys record, you’ll want to know if he or she has ridden the horse before and if they have had success together. Next you’ll want to know where the horse was raised and trained. What stable does it come from and who trained it? Keep in mind the fastest horses aren’t always the ones that win. If you are betting on fence or hurdle jumping it’s not always about speed but about finesse and strength. Pay attention to the weather conditions for your race. Is it supposed to be wet and rainy or dry and sunny? Keep a chart to study the jockeys and horses and to answer these questions for yourself.

Remember to have fun

Ultimately, you want to have fun while you are enjoying horse betting. Don’t get too carried away trying to figure out which horse will win and beating yourself up if you’re wrong. You give it your best shot and then you sit back and enjoy the race.

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