Horse Racing in Spain: History, Hippodromes, Betting

| May 26, 2021

In recent years, interest in horse racing in Spain has grown, as these competitions are among the most reliable for betting. Two sweepstake companies are especially popular among players: Quíntuple Plus, based on predicting the results of five specific races, and Lototurf – a mix of lottery and betting, the idea of which is to guess six numbers out of 31 and the name of one winning horse out of 12 offered. How has such interest appeared in Spain? Let’s figure it out.

History of Spanish Horse Racing

The first real horse race in Spain took place in 1835, in Alameda de Osuna, located in the northeast of Madrid. Now, the Barajas airport is in that historic place. The originator and inspirer of the new business was the Duke of Osuna, a great fan of horses, whose family-owned extensive land in the Alameda region. Together with other aristocrats – friends and like-minded people, he planned to introduce this sport in Spain, which was actively developing in those years in England and France.

Today, there are several hippodromes in Spain, where races are regularly held, on which you can bet both online and personally just like on high limit slots platforms.

1.     Hipódromo de La Zarzuela – The most modern of them, which is also an architectural monument. Spring, summer, and fall seasons of horse racing take place here – about 250 races a year in total. The capacity of La Zarzuela is 6 thousand people.

2.     Gran Hipódromo de Andalucía – It is the largest hippodrome in the Kingdom located in the small town of Dos Hermanas in the province of Seville. It is constructed for 5 thousand people and occupies 155 hectares of land.

3.     Hipódromo de la Costa del Sol – It is located in Mijas, one of the most prestigious resorts on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. On this hippodrome, one of the most significant competitions in Spain takes place (Mijas Cup Gran Premio de Andalucía), in which the best jockeys and horses of Europe and America participate.

How to Make Bets on Horse Races?

In our digital time, bets on any sport can be made on the Internet. Here are some tips from pros on how to win at horse races:

1.    Study all possible information about the race in advance: now there are many sites where you can find all the data necessary for a successful forecast;

2.    Take into account all factors, no matter how insignificant they may seem to you: the state of the track, weather, the replacement of the jockey, the length of the distance, etc.;

3.    Be sure to purchase a daily racing program that contains all the important information about each horse in the race;

4.    Consider the characteristics of horses: changes of equipment, price of the horse, training speeds, and, of course, the breed and sex of the animal;

5.    Make not only big but also small bets.

Always analyze your game and the success of your bets. It will help you to win more often in the future!

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