Horse racing: Plans for Racing on City Streets

| March 21, 2019

Horseracing is a popular sport worldwide. In recent years, there have been elaborate plans to introduce the sport in the streets. Some bookers offer an attractive Ladbrokes bonus code to horse racing punters. Peter Philips, stages an equestrian horse race several years ago in the Horse Guards Parade. In this post, we explore the plans made to hold a competitive street horse race.

What is City Horse Racing?

A low-key city horse race trial was held in Aintree in November 2018. It comprised three races, which resembles ordinary exercise gallops. The races covered a distance of three and a half furlongs inside the famous Grand National course. The organizers laid an artificial racecourse in less than 24 hours. Nevertheless, they need to lay and remove the track faster to hold the race in major streets.

The trial layout starts from Green Park to the Mall. Phillips is focusing on holding the race near Buckingham Palace to attract a huge crowd. He is the Chief Executive of the City Racing project. There will be six flat horse races. Each race will comprise eight runners and they will cover a 1,000 meters course. Renowned jockeys will compete before a huge crowd. The organizing team plans to collaborate with other cities to host the subsequent editions.

A pedestrian barrier will be erected three meters from the edge of the course while spectators will line up five meters from the track to have a clear view. It will offer a thrilling and memorable experience. The race will offer a high Ladbrokes bonus code for gamblers. Phillips’ company, SEL UK intends to partner with the Jockey Club, JSC Sport, Andrews Bowen, RHT and New World Capital Advisors.

Will the Event be Safe?

City Racing could hold a fierce race across the Harbor Bridge in Sydney. The organizers will lay out a unique synthetic surface and top it with sand to withstand the racing thoroughbreds. Several demonstration races were held in the Aintree racecourse. Trainers and jockeys gave positive feedback regarding the surface.

SEL UK set up a welfare framework and an advisory board to treat injured horses. Also, the British Horseracing Authority will sanction the railings, sub-layer, and track. The current racing options are Asia, Australia, the U.S.A., and the Middle East.

Horse racing is gradually evolving. The Series and the London City horse race are some of the recent innovations in the sport. Many people are optimistic that the street horse race will be successful. Prominent bookers might offer a nice Ladbrokes bonus code. The race might consist of three events for the first year before it advances. The organizers hold several meetings annually to discuss funding, hospitality, and ticketing.

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