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| April 1, 2021

Since ancient times, horse racing has been a popular pastime among aristocrats and the wealthy. Nothing has changed since then. The scale of money turnover in this business is sometimes simply amazing: this is also associated with entrance fees charged from people for their participation in some competitions. 

Nowadays, you do not need to go to the stadium to see horse races. It is enough to have access to the Internet and go to the site broadcasting sporting events. Besides that, many horse racing fans can bet on their favorite sportsmen in the best online casinos for New Zealand and even make money online. Let’s take a look at the main types of horse racing events that you can bet online.

Types of horse racing

There are three types of horse racing: smooth, hurdle, and steeplechase:

  • Smooth racing – a competition of young horses aged at 5 months – two years. The race distance varies from 1 to 3 km, and the competition occurs on flat terrain;
  • Hurdle – a competition in which horses are trying to equalize by means of additional weight. It is not so easy to pick up horses of the same level for a race; however, by hanging a small load on some saddles, they try to put the participants on an equal footing. Hurdles are held on longer distances – of up to 3 km, and older horses participate in such competitions. As the name suggests, there are obstacles on the path of the track, and horses are to bypass them;
  • The steeplechase – the most traumatic type of horse racing. More mature (from 4 years old) and hardy horses participate here. The distance can be up to seven kilometers, which requires an accurate calculation of strength and speed from both a horseman and a horse. There are also obstacles in steeplechase races. They are massive, heavy, made of logs or fixed pillars.

How is horse racing held?

Harness racing is another popular equine racing sport

Races are held at the hippodromes. At the start of the race, both a conditional line and a starting gate are used. The former makes participants line up in a row, while the latter is for measuring the width of the entire track with hanging boxes for each horse. The finish line is rarely a ribbon; according to the common scenario, it is the entire conditional line from the finish post beyond the edge of the track. The horse whose head crosses this line first is considered a winner.


Horse racing is often a real celebration with concerts, fireworks, food courts, and other entertainment events. This is one of the most expensive equestrian sports, in which the spirit of the aristocracy is very much preserved. If you want to become a part of the event and feel the atmosphere of the upper-class society, then you can always lead to sports broadcasting platforms and become an online watcher of any horse race.

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