Horse Racing Seeking To Implement a Variety of Safety Reforms

| November 15, 2020

The US Senate has reviewed the integrity and safety measures that could be implemented by the beginning of 2022. Some states and tracks in the US have started implementing some of the safety rules to address the concern of doping, medication, and optics. These safety reforms won’t affect the Ladbrokes promo code, as wagering on horse racing online will continue. 

Some of the rules include:

  • Removal of the performance-boosting performances
  • Restriction of and anti-bleeding medication 
  •  Putting in place limitations on the use of a bronchodilator that can enhance muscle development
  • There will also be boundaries on how many times a jockey can whip a horse consecutively in a race

According to trainer Kenny McPeek, the rule should be used countrywide to be uniform everywhere. Kenny McPeek spoke before saddling Preakness winning filly Swiss skydiver in the distaff the breeder’s cup world championships during the weekend.

In struggles to clean up the sport, the United States government captured two prominent trainers involved in the wider scheme of drug horses, and California Santa Anita race track got through its fall season without fatalities.

Before introducing the national governing body, horse racing has relied on jurisdiction; thus, they made their own rules. The rules partially contributed to the suspicious success of trainers Jason Servis and Jorge Navarro and the passing on of the grade 1 winner X Y jet in Navarro’s care.

Such instances will be prevented if the “horse racing integrity and safety act” was signed into law. The law has already passed by the US House of representatives.  If passed into law, an independent authority would pass a set of regulations that the US ant doping agency would enforce.

According to the USADA CEO, Travis T Tygart, it will be a big move in the industry when it comes to guarding the horses’ safety and health and the integrity and fairness of the competition. The organization is already getting a call to return to its original glory.

It will be the horseracing industry’s task to come up with new standardized testing and enforcement. The amount that has been spent by the states is roughly 30 million us dollars per year to streamline the sector.

Following a spike in horses’ death in 2019 and 2020, California has set aside money to improve the tracks and safety conditions. It also got through the summer at Del Mar and fall meet at Santa Anita will only one fatal breakdown in 3,457 horses that left the starting gate.   

According to the chief operating officer Aiden butler, together with the California horse racing board, they have gone through dozen safety rules that drastically reduced the fatalities and set a new safety bar for the rest of the country.

One of those initiatives was on the zero-tolerance policy on Clenbuterol  Bronchodilator, which is sometimes used to increase muscle mass. However, the medication was initially designed to treat respiratory diseases.

According to trainer Mark Casse, the introduction of the laws marks the first step towards restoring the industry to its former glory. Mark has six horses in the 2020 breeders’ cup.

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