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| October 31, 2019
Differences between betting on horse racing and online casino gaming

You will find several Australian punters asking the same question about the difference between horse racing and other types of betting. It might also make you wonder if there is really a certain difference or are there any comparisons?

Determining the Odds

One of the major differences between horse racing and online casino gaming is the way betting odds are calculated. When we speak of horse racing, betting in this category is known as pari-mutuel betting. This means that the bet is completely mutual while the odds are created in relation to the count of bettors wagering on a certain horse. This further puts forward the fact that all the punters in a horse race are actually competing against one another for a similar set of cash.

This is completely different when it comes to playing games at Australian online casino real money where the casinos set the odds irrespective of the count of punters or bettors betting on a certain game with a specific amount of cash involved. Moreover, in the field of horse racing, manipulation and fixing are quite common. This goes especially for the online sites providing betting exchange features. Betting exchange means that the punters get the potential of creating their very own odds.

The Similarities between Horse Racing and Online Casino Gaming

Just like visiting an online casino is not only about playing blackjack and roulette, in the same way, horse racing is not just about betting on horses. There are many other things on offer for the players. There are even online casinos allowing their clients to bet on horses. Both online casino gaming and horse racing are relatively simple and pretty straightforward tasks. Horse racing or betting on horses has always been very popular as a form of gambling. Therefore, it is quite inevitable for the online casinos in Australia to offer their customers the scope of betting on horses. Just like all the other casino games, it is possible for players to place their bets on virtual races that take place regularly.

Gambling and betting on mobile has increased the possibilities for people especially when it comes to what they can bet on and where they can play their games. In Australia, there are many companies providing sites covering different fields of gambling. These sites have casinos where the players can play different varieties of games like poker or baccarat. There are even sports books that entail horse racing. Nevertheless, for the ones willing to watch horse gambling at online casinos, it is necessary to consider a number of factors. It is not just about getting hold of a website with horse racing on offer but it is about finding a site that is regulated and licensed.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the major advantages of trying your hand at horse racing at an online casino is you can conveniently perform several tasks only on the click of a button on your mouse. You can place bets right from the comfort of your dwelling without going through the hassle of visiting a race track or a betting shop. However, one disadvantage of horse racing at an online casino is you can easily be cheated. Also, if you win while gambling on horses online, you will have to wait for a long time to receive your funds.

Majority of the online casinos accepting wagers on horse racing invite players from across the world. Nevertheless, it is completely upon you to carry out a thorough research and find out whether the casino is legalized or not.

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