How to Build a Profitable Horse Racing Business

| August 27, 2021

Horse racing is not just a sport but it has become a part of the lifestyle of the people. That is why it is not a wonder for someone to start their own horse racing club. Building your horse racing club is not as easy as you think. Because there are lots of requirements that you need to fulfill before getting started. To get more profit from the horse racing club you need to check the markup, revenue, cost, and other expenses to create a better strategy for making a profit. It is difficult to calculate the markup of your business manually but you can use the markup calculator online that tells the markup, revenue, cost, and margin for your business.

Tips for Starting a Profitable Racing Business:

Here are some of the important tips you need to consider when you are going to start your own racing club.

Securing Your Own Headquarters:

The horses that you’re going to use for the racing club require a lot of space to move around. This is one of the very first and most important things that you must have to consider. The reason is that this is the area of your headquarters that includes the race track on which your house can run around. Approximately 50 to 100 acres of land are required to start your racing club. 

If you can afford a bigger headquarters for your racing business, then do it as soon as possible. But before purchasing the extra land for your business calculate your business expenses. Simply use the percentage markup calculator that helps to let you know the cost & profit depending on markup and revenue so, you can easily manage your business expenses. 

Get a License:

After getting the property for your horse racing business the next step is to get a license for that property. It ensures that your business is legal and you are paying the right taxes. You can get the permit from the state racing commission. All you need is to fill the form with the required information about the horse racing business. Licensing your business means that you will generate good profit in the future. For ease, use the markup cost calculator that uses the standard markup formula to deliver the most precise outcomes of your inputs. This will help you in making effective strategies that will lead you to a higher profit.

Join the National Thoroughbred Racing Association:

NTRA (National Thoroughbred Racing Association) recognized organization for horse racing business that facilitates the people of the United States. You can make new contacts and clients by joining this club. You can also get familiar with the horse racing events happening all year round. It is helpful to get in touch with the connection that you make at the NTRA to add legitimacy and to make you recognize yourself as well.

Start Breeding Your Horses:

After registration and getting the license for your business, you need to purchase and breed the horses. It is very important to know the health and gender of the horse before purchasing the horses. Checking the health of your horses is important because they are the only reason for your business’s profit. If the health of your horses is not good, then they will not perform well in racing tournaments. If the markup and revenue of your racing business are enough then, you can easily purchase more horses to make a profit. Calculating the markup is a daunting task but to make the calculation easy you can try an online markup calculator to perform the markup calculations.


No doubt, starting a horse racing business requires a lot of focus, patience, knowledge, and budget which is the most important factor to raise your business. When you want to make a high profit then, you need to create beneficial strategies through which you can easily raise the profit of your business. Calculating the markup, cost, margin, and revenue is a time-consuming task. To get rid of this issue you can try an online markup calculation that calculates markup and revenue depending on margin and cost.

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