How To Choose A Deserving 2020 Kentucky Derby Superstar

| March 15, 2020
2020 Kentucky Derby
The 2020 Kentucky Derby is not far away and people are starting to talk about the leading contenders.

Betting in horse racing is probably one of the reasons why a lot of punters are attracted to many horse racing events happening on earth. Also, it is the only sports where wagering games are massive and comes in broader categories. It is why you see a lot of fans witnessing a horse racing show, whether it’s a small or huge event. 

In line with horse racing, the 2020 Kentucky Derby is underway and considered as one of the most notable horse racing shows in America. It serves as the first segment of the U.S. Triple Crown Series, which features all three-year-old thoroughbreds that will saddle up and compete in the dirt track. 

This year, the Derby will settle at Churchill Downs, Kentucky, on May 2, 2020. The fans can also expect the freshest racehorses that will compete in this grand horse racing event. That said, the Vegas Kentucky Derby odds and betting lines are more attractive.  So, to make your Kentucky Derby betting more exciting, here are some effective ways on how to pick a Derby winner. 

Set An Advantage 

The road to the Kentucky Derby is not easy, and every racehorse joining must display an optimum strength to get the title. Aside from that, there are lots of entries you need to look at to settle with deserving bets. That said, you need to set advantage in picking your bets by scouting for the best horses months before the Derby. 

In setting a head start, there are several Derby prep races that each racehorse must join to qualify in the Run For The Roses. In this way, you can observe which horse can win and seems to be in the best form to win the Derby. Also, you must consider studying the racehorse’s trainer and jockeys as they are also crucial factors in picking the right entry to bet. 

Gather Information 

While it’s fun to sit down inside the racing field and bet on horses, there is no other way to win big than to know better the race and the horses. This may be a little hassle for some fans; however, if you are eager to win big, you must make an extra effort of gathering as much information as you can. 

If you are a neophyte bettor, the best resource you can get to gather the racehorse’s information is a racing form. It is where the whole statistics and racing games are recorded. You can study and compare every horse’s ability to compete in a racing show, especially in the upcoming Kentucky Derby. 

Observe Each Racehorse 

Another way to pick a deserving Derby winner is to look and study each racehorse’s physical appearance. It doesn’t matter if you do it during a live racing show or online, it is essential to see racehorses in their best forms. In this way, you are confident that they can have a nose ahead during the competition and can win the Derby. 

Here are some pointers you can consider if the racehorse is in excellent form. 

  • The horse is alert and confident if he has pointed-up and pricked ears.
  • If you see a horse in a toned muscle and shiny coat, then it is in its excellent horse racing condition. 
  • The racehorse is anxious if you see it with flattened ears and a hanging head. 
  • The racehorse can also be ineffective and wasting his energy when it sweats and fidgets a lot. 
  • If the horse’s coat is dull, then it may carry extra weight that will not help develop its best speed. 

Weigh Your Personal Opinions And Expert’s Advice 

Every horse racing event, especially in the Kentucky Derby, there are many horse racing enthusiasts and dedicated sports platforms that showcase early odds favorites. These odds are generated based on the racing forms of each racehorse. Also, the racing events they previously competed in can have a significant impact on their betting lines. 

While it’s good to consider every expert’s advice as it’s their job to guide every bettor which racehorse to bet, you must also find your personal opinions when wagering. Remember that there is no betting formula you can apply to consistently win. Make sure that you use your betting skills and consider the expert’s guide to pick the right Kentucky Derby winner. 


Undeniably, betting in the upcoming Kentucky Derby is an exciting and fun thing to do. Aside from seeing racehorses that will run and compete in the dirt track, the betting games can hype the fans and the bettors to attend this event. 

If you plan to witness and gamble in the upcoming Kentucky Derby, you can apply the betting techniques explained above to pick the right and deserving 2020 Kentucky Derby superstar. 

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