Ideas for Starting a Business in the Wedding Industry

| January 3, 2019

Romance can blossom in the horseracing industry

If you’re intrigued with the romance between horseracing jockeys Katelyn Mallyon and James Macdonald, there’s a chance you might be interested in getting into the wedding business. While they are deeply in love, both Katelyn and James are also top class Group One race riders. Katelyn rode Silent Sedition to a narrow victory in the William Reid Stakes at Moonee Valley, realising her dream of Group One success, while James has ridden multiple Group One winners.

Watching two people find love can be a beautiful experience. Some people love weddings so much that they’ve decided to join the many people in the wedding industry that are making couple’s dreams come true.

The good thing about the wedding industry is that it’s so vast meaning there’s something for everyone to get their hands in. Whether you’re a designer, decorator, or can capture scared moments through the lens of a camera, there’s likely a place where you fit in. If you need ideas regarding businesses you can start in the wedding industry, see a few below.

Catering Services

One of the most common attractions at weddings is delectable food. If you have a good taste for food and a good eye for presentation, this may be an ideal business for you to start. You should note that you’ll probably be up against a lot of competition, so think carefully about your strategy and what sets you apart.

Explore elements like who you want to target and whether you want to specialise in certain types of food. Narrowing down your niche to making European desserts, for instance, could give you a better chance at succeeding.

Remember, before starting a food business, you may need things like food licenses and knowledge of food safety requirements in your region.

Vending machines are great options as they provide the accessibility to the customers to quickly purchase the food and other products without thinking about any other option due to the wide range of products from which they can choose the needed products in exchange of coins or dollars which them releases the item purchased. For your vending machine Perth needs, contact Royal Vending for the latest vending machine equipment, they do Free service and hire for businesses and organisations or you can buy them outright.

Flower Arrangements

If you happen to be a nature lover, another business idea to try would be going into providing flower arrangements. This is usually a main feature of wedding décor which livens up the venue and makes it look beautiful.

Bridesmaids and the bride herself tend to carry flowers which means there should be a high demand. However, you can also make flower arrangements for the venue.

Have a website describing your business as well as an online portfolio of your work. Flowers can make or break a wedding, so ensure you provide as much information as possible to secure that client.

What’s more, you can do to order flowers but also pre-made flower arrangements such as dried flower arrangements and dried flower crowns. You can sell these from your store as well as other plants such as succulents. The first step to creating your ecommerce store means undergoing domain name registration for your business. Then, have beautiful photos, descriptions and a simple checkout page to complete your store.

Bridesmaid Dresses

One thing people look forward to seeing at a wedding is what the bridesmaids will be wearing. If you’re into fashion, this would be a perfect opportunity to design your own line, or resell bridesmaids dresses you handpick.

Bridesmaids are often looking for ways to save money, seeing as it can be so expensive to be ones. Ready-made dresses are sometimes a preference for this reason as they may not need as many alterations.


Guests at a wedding usually look forward to some form of entertainment whether it be in the form of a DJ or live band. You could provide services to couples where you provide them with all of the entertainment they need.

You would need a pool of entertainers at hand that you can contact whenever a client requests entertainment. Aside from this, you should also think about providing MCs or hosts in case they need someone to coordinate the events at the reception like speeches, toasts and welcome messages.

Event Planning

If you want to tie everything mentioned above together, then you should focus on event planning. This will be a lot of work, so it’s ideal for anyone who enjoys fast-paced work.

The good thing about event planning is that it doesn’t have to be capital intensive and you can start small. If you want to become a top wedding planner, it may be a good idea to begin by getting trained and qualified. Getting your pricing right is also important, so see what the mean prices are in your area.

The wedding industry is one that continues to rake in tons of money. As long as love is in the air, there’s always a way to use your skills and talents in the industry.

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