Live streaming of horse racing enhances the betting experience

| August 14, 2019
Live streaming of horse racing
Live streaming of horse racing offer new vision for punters

Horse racing has entered a new era with the advent of Live Streaming. The simultaneous recording and broadcast of events as they happen is making horse racing fans across the globe extremely excited.

Live streaming lends itself to a host of new innovations that will be rolled out over the coming months.

Betting companies are in raptures over the new technologies and already partnering up with live stream providers to offer their members the latest in streaming vision.

Live streaming will bring racing fans and, more importantly, punters a whole new experience, never before imagined.

Punters can have multiple streams on their large home screens, broadcasting potentially from all over the globe. In fact, streaming companies are currently offering over 50 different sports for the viewer to select.

For example, Australian punters are betting more and more on global horse racing. Australian punters are betting on Hong Kong and Singapore for example. They can experience events as they happen in the comfort of their own homes.

While watching live horse races, punters may place live bets on enhanced offers provided by the broadcasters during the race. Betfair, Coral and William Hill are only a fraction of the many online bookies who offer such bets for punters looking for that sort of an adrenaline rush! For more information, click here to get all the available horse racing betting offers.

As broadband to the home becomes more sophisticated, streams will be amazing quality and the next best thing to being there at the track.

Streams are already arriving in full HD resolution. With excellent broadband connection such as those provided by Australia’s NBN infrastructure, top quality vision is streamed directly to the device.

Most NBN-enabled connections can easily handle Live streaming. Streaming of the latest 4K content requires 9Mbps internet speed, whereas HD and standard vision requires even less speed. Many NBN customers in Australia enjoy speeds of around 46Mbps.

Streams are continuous flow, which means they can be picked up almost immediately without having to wait for download. You can think of it like a TV channel that one can access on demand. However the content is digital, allowing for all the different tools and capabilities that digital format provides.

Recording, split screens, highlights and playback options are all possible, depending on the service provided.

Punters can watch on their TV screens, mobile phones, tablets, or laptop computers. There is now no end as to how the punter sets up his home office. The punter’s “man cave” is ready to take on epic proportions, with dreams of large screens and powerful computers surrounding the central control point, leaving no logical reason for any self-respecting punter to leave his home-based sports palace.

New viewing options available for the punter

Split View lets you watch 4 different streams at once, all on your single screen. Watch cricket, football, horse racing and tennis, or just watch the streams from different racetracks, either domestic or international. Formula One Grand Prix car racing is another sport that is suited to Live Streaming.

The best commentators will be employed behind Live Streaming, to provide exciting and accurate descriptions of the races, some undoubtedly making the list of best race calls in Australian horse racing.

Right next to your online betting portal, you’re all set to get the best from your sporting experience. Many streaming sites also have highlights, where you can replay key moments to study the action in more detail.

Live streaming is now an essential component of the betting experience and is offered by many major corporate bookmaking companies.

With the constant competition from other sports for the gambling dollar, sports like horse racing need to keep up with the latest technologies to keep the punter engaged and fully serviced with all the viewing options.

Live streaming is seen as the future of horse racing betting. In addition to live streaming, other new facilities are likely to be added, following the lead from more general streaming sites. Options such as live chat, on-screen viewer comments, and the ability to “Like” the content in real time, are just some of the features likely to be a part of horse racing future.

The ability to send your comments to the live broadcast for others to read and reply to is a feature that will be added in the not-too-distant future. This of course will require moderating, just like any sports community forum, however the challenges are not insurmountable.

Live streaming is the new viewing platform with opportunities for viewer interaction like never before imagined or experienced.

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