Marking History: Greatest Races In The Big Sandy

| May 24, 2022

The Big Sandy’s track itself is hard to conquer by most thoroughbred horses, which makes it more exciting for fans to witness who might be able to win in every race. The nickname “Big Sandy” to Belmont Park comes from the track itself. It is big and made out of sand instead of dirt, making it challenging for the horses when running on the track. 

Throughout the years, great races have already happened in Belmont Park, where the most excellent horses of each era have faced toe to toe to claim the victory in Big Sandy. To know more about these races, let us try to turn back time and relive those historical events once again.

Belmont Stakes
Belmont Park is big and made out of sand instead of dirt, making it a challenging racetrack

Secretariat Rules

The race in Belmont Park in 1973 by Secretariat has been holding number one on the list where this race was considered an Iconic Race. Secretariat has been known as one of the great horses to run in Belmont Park. Also, he won 16 times and placed second 3 times in all of his career races. His race in Belmont Park has 31 lengths, a popular record-breaking dirt track record.

When it comes to placing wages, especially this 2022, looking for the horse with the best odds for belmont stakes betting is always your first option to win your bets. Just like during this time, Secretariat has been a favourite to all and has led to having most bets. During this race, Secretariat showed his speed and agility and coordination with his jockey, which paved the way for him to rule Belmont Park.

Afleet Alex Victory

The American thoroughbred racehorse, Afleet Alex, made history in 2005 in Belmont Park. His trainer is Timothy F. Ritchey. Ritchey trained Afleet Alex to achieve his victories in Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes. Also, his jockey is Jeremy Rose, who made a fantastic performance, earning an award for the top American jockey in 2005.

Afleet Alex has won first in both races, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes, in which he has a remarkable record of 24 ⅖ in the final quarter. He led the race by seven lengths; it was a complete celebration that he won both races; even though he finished third in the Kentucky Derby despite making history with his record in the mile of the race. 

Easy Goer Won By Chance

Easy Goer was considered as one of the best thoroughbred horses in the 1980s. Easy Goer has won 2 victories where he ended up as champion and has won 14 more awards over his 20 races in his career. His trainer is Claude R. McGaughey III, who was inducted to the hall of fame in 2004. He has trained Easy Goer to achieve three of its awards.

Easy Goer won at his home track in Belmont park in 1989 after he finished second to Sunday Silence, where he finished by eight lengths and got the record of 2:26. This record made history as the second-fastest race ever recorded. It was considered a thrilling race by everyone because Easy Goer turned the tables during the race, and his pace started slow but ended up as a winner.

Victory Gallops Greatness

Victory Gallops is a Canadian thoroughbred horse who won the race in the Big Sandy in 1998. Victory Gallops was very known as the great spoiler of the races since, in every race, he got powerful closing drives which made him win every race. He was trained by W. Elliott Walden, who trained Victory Gallop to achieve his championship in Belmont Stakes.

It is considered a great race in history since it was a close call. Real Quiet was the rival of Victory Gallop in the Preakness Stakes and Kentucky Derby, which he lost in both. But in the race in Belmont Park, he exacts his revenge when he gave chase to Real Quiet and won the race by just an inch. 

Julie Krone Makes History

The National Women Hall of Fame Julie Krone was the first woman jockey to win a Triple Crown race. She has over 3,700 career wins and is the leading female thoroughbred jockey. She got many awards, including ESPN’s Professional Female Athlete of the Year. Her career began at an early age and has continued since then.

During her race in Belmont Park in 1993, she led Colonial Affair to victory. It was a 2 ¼ length record of the race. It was a “go down history” race by Colonial Affair and Julie Krone, and since then, Colonial Affair has been the favourite in 1994 races, and Julie Krone has been known as the leading female who will add more stake wins.


These great races are possible through the sweat and effort of the trainer, jockey, and horse. The Big Sandy is the one that every horse aims to conquer. With its challenging track, you can determine which horses are the best of the best, where every battle is another step forward in making history and crowning the winner.

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