Mayor secures huge bonus for members

| April 1, 2015
Huge first deposit bonus

Huge first deposit bonus

The village Mayor has recently signed up an incredible deal for punters, and all Thoroughbred Village members are encouraged to take full advantage. Our Mayor has been able to secure a huge deal for village members who join up at Unibet, the exciting new entity that is changing online sports and racing wagering in Australia.

Members who have already taken up this opportunity have been more than excited about the results. Smooth sailing is the general feeling about this partnership, and thus all members are urged to get on board. Email the Mayor today for details:

Far and wide, villagers have been talking about this partnership, in particular the quality of service they are receiving at Unibet. Not only the great service but also the amazing joinup offer they received as members of Thoroughbred Village.

Here are some of the things they’ve been saying:

“I’ll be signing up with these guys for sure. I really like the look of their Golf markets (which is what I bet on the most). An example is Ian Poulter. One wagering provider has him at $41, Unibet has him at $51. And my favourite market is Top 20 betting. One wagering provider is $2.50 while Unibet is $3.50. That’s me won over.”

“At present they are the best of the corporates and definitely worth having an account with.”

“They haven’t liberally been closing accounts like every other major corporate.”

“Unibet has been a good book and worth having an account with.”

“I got a phone call from them yesterday offering a 2 x $25 free bets for a $25 deposit. I already had an account and was using it, so I was quite surprised.”

“Took advantage of the free bet and backed a winner with theirs and mine, only need to turn the free bet over once, have requested a withdrawal and paid the next day. All smooth sailing so far.”

With such great feedback, our members should join up.

Make sure you check out all out betting promotions at

Use the Unibet banners on the Thoroughbred Village website to join up.

As an official partner of the AFL, Unibet gives you better odds and a superior betting experience.

Join up to Unibet now.

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