Mobile apps bring horse racing into the spotlight

| December 17, 2019
Mobile apps and horseracing
Mobile apps are bringing horseracing into the spotlight

Mobile apps bring horse racing to the fingertips of millions of people who can watch the events as they unfold and even place bets. Mobile apps not only stream the races as they happen but also allow punters to bet either before the jump or in play. These new technologies are bringing horse racing into the viewing spotlight for sports fans.

Horse racing bets are back in fashion

Horse racing used to be the most popular sports betting option in most European countries, but also on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Over the last decades, the rising popularity of football and the advent of Internet casinos have definitively tilted the balance. In recent years, things got even worse for horse racing, as it dropped even further, trailing tennis, ice hockey, basketball, and many other sports. Fewer people watch races life, even in countries where horse racing events have always been popular.

Things are not as bad as they might seem and that’s largely because mobile devices in general and mobile apps, in particular, are bringing horse racing back into the spotlight. Online casinos and bookmakers from countries where horse racing is still popular, but also international operators make a contribution. The same account grants players access to, sports betting and horse race betting. Sensible staking and the perk of watching the races as they unfold act as a magnet for players

Watch the most exciting horse races for free

Back in the day, prominent horse races were only attended by the affluent, while regular fans had to settle for low-profile events. Granted seats in the stands of the most important competitions are still pretty pricey, modern technology provides the fans with alternative solutions. Sports betting TV channels only provide coverage of select competitions and there are many countries where they miss altogether. Pay-per-view is not exactly the most convenient solution, so most people had to settle for recording races.

Bookmakers have provided their punters with an alternative way of enjoying the races. In exchange for having a funded account, sometimes with a single-digit currency, their members could watch the races in real-time. True fans had no problem staying at home when the events took place, but this contingency of being in front of the computer caused others to miss the races. Mobile devices have rendered this problem irrelevant, by bringing the competitions to the fingertips of their owners.

Smartphones and tablets are mainstream devices and through the online betting account, the grand people immediate access to live races. The mobile apps have the merit of making this experience even more straightforward, by keeping people logged in at all times. Bookmakers provide players with the option of betting straight in the browser, so downloading the app is not compulsory. Given all the benefits and the fact that these apps are free, most punters choose to install them on their devices of choice.

A thorough understanding of horse races through mobile apps

Watching the races as they unfold for free is the main reason for downloading the mobile apps provided by bookmakers. There is no easier, less expensive and more convenient way of enjoying the show and the small displays of handheld gadgets are perfect for this purpose. Another advantage of acquiring such an app is that it displays additional information about the ongoing and upcoming graces. At their core, these are betting instruments, so it is only natural for them to provide access to cards and statistics. A quick glance at these numbers will highlight the favorites, their chances to win and finish on the podium.

Mobile apps are absolutely secure, at least when they are downloaded from respectable bookmakers and online casinos. Players can acquire them straight from the official websites, or download the horse racing mobile apps from Google and Apple marketplaces. Once installed on their smartphones and tablets, people can log into their accounts via a password, or they can even use their thumbprint. In any case, they can launch the live stream in less than a minute and enjoy the hottest horse racing competitions.

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