Online Bets: A New Trend in Horse Racing

| October 16, 2019
Sportsbetting on mobile devices
Sportsbetting is booming on mobile devices, with premium sites such as providing free horseracing tips and best bets.

Sports betting has been existing for as long as sports are around. It takes one of mankind’s greatest hobbies (sports) and makes it even more thrilling by adding a personal stake to the outcome.

Long History of Sports Betting

The first records of sports betting date back more than 2,000 years ago to the Greeks. From them, sports betting spread to ancient Rome, where people bet on gladiator games, and even when this sport eventually came to an end, gambling continued to spread to other kingdoms.

Later in history, gambling became very famous in England due to horse race betting. The English spread this practice to the rest of the world, especially the US, where horse race betting quickly became a popular pastime for a lot of people.

Horse Race Betting

Nowadays horse race betting is one of the most popular genres of online and offline sports betting also in Australia. Like almost everything else in our lives, it has gone digital. Predicting arbitrary outcomes is an entertaining way of engaging with the games we love. By placing a bet online, you can now even wager on games that are already underway, as is common in Europe, where 70 percent of all sport bets are placed live, in the middle of the game or the race.

Back in the days, people who weren’t lucky enough to get a ticket to a live horse racing event, could only go to the local bookmaker hoping to catch a race and be able to place a bet. Nowadays, providers allow fans to not only watch the races live, but also to place bets.


One of the biggest advantages of online betting is the convenience of being able to watch and bet on horse racing online. Playing in an online casino like 666Casino is very convenient, you are in a comfort of your home or wherever you find relaxing, with you holding your phone or computer, you are good to go. Nowadays, you only have to log on to your favorite website and within a few minutes, you have already placed your bet.

In addition to that players are also exposed to larger variety of sports and races to bet on. This means that players can place bets on any race anywhere in the world at any time they want without being limited by the opening hours of traditional bookmakers.

Online betting

Not only sports betting, but the whole online betting industry is constantly growing. And although it is repeatedly held back by various regulations, there is no end in sight. 

Continuous technological advances such as virtual reality and augmented reality will lead to the increase of even more players in the coming years. In general, technology plays a huge role in the development of new games. 

In a Nutshell

The future of online gambling (including sports betting) looks bright and exciting. Today, we are already witnessing the flexibility brought by mobile apps. Online sites such as Slotty Vegas provide their fans with new games on a regular basis. Whether you want to place a bet, play some blackjack or the newest slot game – nothing is left to be desired!

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