Outfit ideas for the Spring horse racing carnival

| June 13, 2021

Not sure what to wear to the Spring carnival this year? We asked our fashion gurus at Thoroughbred Village for advice on what to wear this season to the Spring Carnival. Traditional rules and expectations about fashion at the races are well established. However, the challenge to stand out in the crowd without looking drab, unexciting or ridiculous, requires innovative and creative thinking. Don’t stress. We’re here to help.

Most people head straight to the online retail sites. For months in advance, they glean the latest trends, read blogs and filter through the myriad of sales pitches. You could study the retail sites to learn the traditional ideas, but in order to really lead the way in the fashion stakes, you must seek advice from experts in fashion and horse racing. You’ve come to the right place.

Plan multiple outfits

First thing to bear in mind is that you’ll likely need multiple outfits. Each race day has its own unique characteristics and there’s no mix and matching to find the right outfit. Each event requires a dedicated and unique concoction.

Multiple outfits are a must also because the weather at this time of year is both changeable and unpredictable. Let’s not talk about the 4 seasons in one day that is a unique feature of Melbourne but you do need to keep a close eye on the weather forecast. In Spring, the weather can be freezing, like the middle of winter, but other times, the sun is out and the heat is oppressive. It can be so hot you need to apply sunscreen liberally. In less than a moment’s notice, the course may be deluged by torrential rain. Remember 1976? On days like this, gumboots are more the order of the day.

Feature days in the Spring Racing Carnival

Each of the feature race days are quite different in feel and vibe and you want to be fully aware of this. The same can be said about bitcoin casino list which reviews many different online platforms. So let’s get down to specifics. 

Caulfield Cup Day

Often a stunning day weather-wise and featuring multiple Group One races. The trick here is to wear bold, impressionable colours, floral and exciting. The horse racing season is in full swing so you want to make a statement that you’re here to win! There is a big season ahead and you should start off on the right foot. Make a statement with your outfit on this day.

Cox Plate Day

Moonee Valley is an intimate course with little or no lawns to negotiate. Fashions are not too formal so you can get away with smart casuals. As the Cox Plate itself is the premier championship of the nation, a good tip is to match the colours of the favourite horse. This will stamp you as knowledgeable about all things racing. As cameras are clicking and film is rolling, wearing the colours of the winner could get you that much sought-after, life-changing shot.

Derby Day

This is the most formal day of the season. Men wear their morning suits with exquisite taste and opulence. Silk cravats, a true touch of class. Women wear formal dresses, usually black or white or mixtures of both. Ladies can wear colour but it must exude sophistication and presence, not frivolous and common. It’s all about class and stature so wear your most expensive jewellery and accessories and of course, a matching hand bag is essential. Stunning lines and head-turning design are the order of the day but be sure to stick with highly formal and exceedingly exquisite colour schemes. Remember, you might catch the eye of the latest multi-millionaire entrepreneur bachelor or bachelorette. Dressing against the rules on Derby Day may cause a global sensation and launch a fashion trend – remember Jean Shrimpton 1965? White minidress, with NO stockings, NO hat and NO gloves! Fashion legends are made on Derby Day. 

Melbourne Cup Day

This is all about fun and frivolity. It’s the greatest race day in Australia with a global audience in the billions. Melbourne’s reputation for fun, friendship and good nature is on show. Patrons attend dressed in all types of clothing, from beautiful to the ridiculous. One lady arrived dressed only in plastic garbage bags, and men come dressed as nuns, nurses, or anything that is topical and amusing. Melbourne Cup Day is also about hats, fascinators and Fashions on the Field, where even the non-famous have a chance of standing out.  However, most people dress in smart casual wear with a touch of style. The weather on Cup Day can change rapidly so be prepared to sustain whatever comes your way.

Oaks Day

This is the day for the ladies to wear their most stunning outfits. Oaks Day is about fashion, beauty and style. It is the traditional day for the ladies, work friends, best friends, and social butterflies. However, like bees to the honey pot, men dressed in fine suits have been attending in recent times in increasing numbers. Why wouldn’t they? Imagine meeting a lady with an interest in horse racing! With so many races to punt, there’s never an awkward pause in conversation and the girls are there to have fun!

Stakes Day

Now featuring the LKS Mackinnon Stakes, the final day is the traditional family day. The fashion is relaxed and comfortable. Smart casual wear, for fun, enjoyment, and socializing with family and friends. No-one is there to make an impression, just to relax and enjoy the occasion. Chicken sandwiches and sauvignon blanc is the order of the day. Don’t be fooled though. Winners on the final day are traditionally impossible to find, so make sure you can at least return home with the shirt on your back.

Final outfit checks

Remember to check the dress code before planning your day at the races. If you have entry passes to particular enclosures that might have specific dress requirements, be sure to adhere to them, otherwise you won’t gain entry. Also try to find out the terrain on which you will spend most of your time. Heels are no good on lawn, yet are perfect on hard surfaces. If you’ll be walking long distances, perhaps more comfortable shoes are in order. Umbrellas are useful for both rain and sun, but make sure they match your outfit. Many patrons like to wear hats. The men bring their top hats and fedoras and the ladies wear all sorts of hats, large and small. Hats can really complete an outfit. Fascinators are also popular.

Make a splash

There you have it. Helpful advice on what to wear to the Spring Racing carnival. Wearing the right outfit is the key to enjoying your day at the races. Remember to be bold and courageous in choosing your outfits, only then will you have the right frame of mind to make a splash in the fashion and social stakes.

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