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Planning a surprise party after winning at horse racing

| July 1, 2023

Horse racing provides many opportunities to celebrate success. Whether it is through racehorse ownership or winning on the punt. It’s time to kick off your heels and party. Even better is to plan a surprise party for others who have tasted success. Often these people are too busy or didn’t plan to win, so the best a friend can do is to plan a surprise party for them. Celebrating success with friends and family is why horse racing is the ultimate sport for the social set.

Surprise parties don’t only happen on TV and in movies, they’re a great idea in real life too. When done right, it’s a brilliant way to kick off a party and leave the lucky person feeling happier than ever. Whether it’s for your friend, partner or family member, setting up a surprise party takes a lot of work, but in this guide, we’ll share some tips to make sure everything goes exactly to plan.

Choosing a Venue

Your first step in party planning is choosing the right venue. The space where you’ll be holding the party can make a big difference to the success of the event, so it’s important to get this right. While most people hold surprise parties at home, you can hold a lot more people and have a much bigger event if you choose from event spaces Melbourne.

An event space is a specially designed room or building that you can hire to hold your party. It gives you a lot more freedom to throw the kind of party you’ve always dreamed of, but it’s important to consider your budget when you choose. Not only that, but you should also factor in accessibility, location and capacity when you select where your party will be held.

Sending Out Invites

No party is complete without guests, of course, and you need to make sure everyone important is invited. However, sending out invites for a surprise party is much more delicate than a standard party. You want guests to come, but you don’t want the guest of honour to find out. What’s the solution? You have to be really sneaky.

Spoiling the surprise for the guest of honour isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it will undo a lot of effort you put into keeping things a secret. Ideally, you want to reduce the paper trail, which means meeting up in person to discuss the party and work out all the details together. If you can’t meet in person, resort to sending coded messages to keep things hidden.

Food and Drinks

Just as you need guests for a good party, you’re also going to need plenty of food and drinks to keep everyone happy and partying for as long as possible. Neglecting the food will see many guests leaving before the party even gets started, and food can also help make parties even more fun.

Depending on the venue you choose, you might have catering options available to you. If not, consider whether you really want to cook for a whole party or whether it’s easier to just buy ready-made food or even order from a restaurant. If you really want to splash out, consider hiring a private bar complete with your own bartenders on hand to provide the tastiest cocktails.


Music and dancing are extremely important to get partygoers into the mood and ensure the event is a success. Make sure the venue you choose has the right acoustics for the event, and check to see if AV equipment is provided. Depending on the budget for the event, you could hire a DJ or a live band to play some tunes during the event.

If you want to keep things low-key, you can still get by with some relatively decent speakers and a playlist of your favourite songs. Be sure to consider the guest of honour’s music taste when deciding what to play, as you wouldn’t want to throw a surprise party featuring their least favourite music!

The Reveal

The most important part of any surprise party is the reveal, where you all shock the guest of honour, and all that hard work and planning comes to fruition. You need to think of a convincing alibi to lure your guest of honour to the venue. Keeping secrets is generally ill-advised, but it’s a good thing when planning a surprise party. 

Horse racing people are the best at having parties and surprise parties are part and parcel of the sport. If it’s to celebrate a horse’s win, make sure to bring along the Cup or the Trophy, it will add to the occasion and is great for candid photos. If it’s to celebrate a big win on the punt, bring along race video or photos of the punter at the moment of the win. It will make them feel even more excited and happy and they can re-live the momentous occasion. Most of all, bring your smiles and joy because one day it might happen to you!

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