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| December 6, 2016
Bet safely on horseracing with Thoroughbred Village

Bet safely on horseracing with Thoroughbred Village

Everyone loves picking a winner. The excitement, the joy, the sense of satisfaction that all the hard study, the thought and strategic planning has paid off! Not only can it be profitable, it can also give you bragging rights! Picture, standing at the water cooler on Monday morning, relating your stories of triumph to every person seeking to quench their thirst. You won and you should tell everyone. Even your boss will excuse you from work duties when he finds out you’ve had a great weekend on the punt.. well, that’s the way it should be, right?

Start betting on horse racing with Thoroughbred Village. It’s more exciting and fun as a member of the village community. At Thoroughbred Village, we love hearing about your success, because we understand the skills that are required to achieve it. All of us bet on the ponies. We’ve known success and we celebrate it. Because of this collective expertise and understanding, we want you to feel a part of this too. Join the village betting experience. Share your success and learn from others. That’s what it’s all about, learning and sharing.

To be a part of our village community, the first thing you need to do is open an account with our preferred betting partner, Sportsbet. I highly recommend joining up with this company as the benefits extend far beyond the normal join up offers. Sportsbet offer one of the best betting experiences in the country and is the leader in sports betting technologies. However, and this is important, you need to be affiliated with Thoroughbred Village to benefit from the special relationship we have with Sportsbet. To do that, just click on any of the Sportsbet banners on the Thoroughbred Village website to join up to Sportsbet. That will tell Sportsbet that you’ve come from Thoroughbred Village. Don’t worry, we can’t see anything you do on Sportsbet so your privacy is fully secure, but the benefits of joining our community of punters are many-fold.

Thoroughbred Village has a special relationship with the account managers at Sportsbet and we can provide you with the latest offers as they become available. Remember, you must be a Thoroughbred Village Sportsbet member to receive this special assistance. After you join Sportsbet, by clicking through one of the Sportsbet banners on our website, you will automatically be a part of the Thoroughbred Village group of Sportsbet punters to receive special offers and benefits.

Detailed Instructions: Here’s the easy part. How to become a Thoroughbred Village Sportsbet punter? Basically, all you do is click on any of the Sportsbet banners on the Thoroughbred Village website to join up to Sportsbet., fill in your details and make your first deposit (see next paragraph). Then you’re free to start betting. It is all completed within 2 minutes, and you become an integral part of racing’s great partnership; Thoroughbred Village and Sportsbet.

From here, the benefits will flow. Firstly, just for joining the TBV-Sportsbet team for your horse racing and sports betting activities, Sportsbet will match your first bet up to $501. My advice is to make your first bet count with a larger than normal stake, because you’ll get it back whether you win or lose. Let me tell you, it’s a thrill to see this bonus bet appear in your account. You’re already a winner, even if you lose the bet.

Note: Unfortunately, this first bet bonus is not available to residents of the restricted states, ie; Vic, SA, WA and NSW. I’m sorry but it’s the law, and at Thoroughbred Village, we respect the law. Don’t be fooled, anyone who entices new members to join by offering bonus bets in these states is liable for prosecution. Thoroughbred Village is not a rogue organization and we aim to protect our members at all costs. We simply don’t offer benefits that we cannot deliver on. Anyone who does, I recommend avoiding because they are risking your safety and only have their own personal business interests at heart. Your safety and security is paramount at Thoroughbred Village. We feel that as a community we are able to protect the real punters from the sharks who want your betting dollar at all costs regardless of the law. I know of some members who have had their accounts deleted and black-banned for taking advantage of these special bonus offers. So please, think carefully and join with us so that your betting experience is safe, enjoyable and hopefully profitable for years to come. Also note that the legislation only applies to incentives to join up. Thoroughbred Village bookmakers offer you many bonuses, money-back offers, reload bonuses and incentives after you have joined.

Some of the benefits of being a Thoroughbred Village-Sportsbet member.

Aside from the initial first bet bonus offered to residents of non-restricted states, there is a full suite of benefits available to you on an ongoing basis.

Every week there are promotions.

For example, during the Spring Carnival if your horse finished second or third in selected races, you would get your cash back. This offer was amazing as you could place a win bet with confidence, knowing that if you were just pipped on the post, you would get your bet back (up to $50). It was like an insurance policy on your bet.

My favourite feature is the Power Play button. Once a day, you can press this Power Play button and your odds are increased in front of your eyes! Personally, I would use it on my long shot for the day, as there appears to be more value the longer the starting price. It’s thrilling to see your speculative bet for the day increase to very attractive odds. Use it on any bet you like.

Bet anywhere anytime. With the new smartphone app downloaded from the app store, you can bet anywhere you take your phone! In bed, on the train, even at the races! No more waiting in queues or walking out of the betting shop smelling like a brewery. The app is easy to use and extremely responsive to the latest odds data.

Racing Live: watch live racing on your computer or smartphone. Just click on the Live Racing link and the video screen will automatically open up, making you feel part of the action. You must be logged in as a Thoroughbred Village-Sportsbet member to enjoy this feature.

There are many other benefits for existing members, just read through the promotions page.

One feature that may be attractive to Thoroughbred Village members is the Punters Club. Punters Club allows you to create a single betting account for you and your mates. You can set your own rules, betting rounds and contributions. Funds are taken from your Sportsbet account and placed into a pool so you can back more winners left, right and centre! It’s banter and betting. Create a thread on Thoroughbred Village for your punters club. Or let me help you create a private forum if you prefer.

So join now and be a part of horse racing’s biggest community.

Regards, Mayor

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