Telstra Australia: 4 Ways To Watch Live Horse Racing Events

| November 26, 2021

Horse racing events are truly most awaited by fans. Whether you’re a busy professional or a retiree, you can’t miss watching your favorite horse racing event. So, it pays off to know the best way for you to get in tune with the latest happenings in this sports entertainment field.

In this article, you’ll learn the different ways to watch live horse racing events.

1. Watch Live Horse Racing Events On The Venue

Sports betting fans can watch live horse racing events in different ways. But still, the best way to do it is to go to the actual horse racing venue. Being there to witness the best horse racers in the country and the whole world is a great opportunity to engage with other fans and sports enthusiasts. 

Watch live horse racing in Australia
In Australia, there are multiple ways to watch live horse racing events

Here are the reasons why most people prefer watching live horse racing events on the actual horse race venue:

  • Unbeatable Excitement

Watching live horse events on the actual venue provides an energetic and unbeatable excitement because you can hear the crowd cheer for their favorite horse racers. The feeling is heart-pounding, rushing your mind and body with feel-good hormones.

  • Make New Friends

Entering the horse race venue alone isn’t a big turnoff because once you’re in, you’ll definitely make new friends. Fans engage in live venues without hesitation, supporting their horse race stars with full of passion. You’ll even find some fans carrying banners and their own cheer squads as a sign of support.

2. Watch Horse Racing Events On Television 

Telecommunications companies offer TV broadcast packages that consumers can take advantage of. For instance, Telstra and other telecom providers offer the best pay TV broadcasting plans with sports packages included, allowing you to watch live horse racing events. 

Here are the advantages of watching horse racing events on television:

  • Convenient

While going to a live horse race venue is ideal, watching the same show on TV is very convenient if you need to attend to other things or simply want to relax on your couch at home.

  • Affordable

You don’t have to pay for tickets when you watch live horse racing events at home. In addition, you can be with your family and friends in a more familiar setting while talking about your horse racing experiences while eating pizza or popcorn.

  • Can Choose A No Contract TV Plan

Unlike most regular cable companies, telecom TV entertainment packages are usually no-contract or pay per month basis. Hence, you can choose the channels or package you prefer without worrying about any commitment or contract. It means that you can watch horse racing events in its peak season if you prefer to do so and pay only for the months you use the service.

3. Watch Horse Racing Events Using Your Mobile Device  

With the advancement in telecommunication services like Telstra, it’s now possible to watch live horse racing events using your mobile device. You just need to know the schedule of the race and a reliable internet connection to watch the live event. 

It’s a good thing that mobile devices allow people to watch sports and other entertainment shows online. Indeed, horse racing helps in filling the sports void brought about by the pandemic.

Here’s how you can watch live horse racing events using your mobile device:

  • Live Streaming

Live streaming platforms show horse racing events in real-time, allowing you to enjoy the exhilarating feeling of cheering your bet or favorite racers. With mobile viewing, you can benefit from the convenience of watching anywhere, like when you’re stuck in traffic or on a long trip. 

  • Mobile Apps

You can stream the live horse racing events live via sports live mobile apps downloadable on your phone. Online app stores offer a wide array of sports apps, allowing you to watch horse racing events on your hand-held device.

Live horse racing
Telstra offers many ways to watch live horse racing in Australia.

4. Watch Horse Racing Events Using Video Streaming Devices 

Video streaming devices let you watch your favorite movies and shows on a streaming service in just a few clicks of a button. These devices are connected to the television or a home theater to the internet to be able to stream content such as movies, videos, music, and sports.

Horse racing events are also available on video streaming devices. Busy horse racing and equestrian fans who miss watching the live horse race can watch them later. With video streaming services, you can watch live horse racing events or selected events. Some TV networks pull a selection of horse racing events that people can watch, broadcast on TV, or stream online. 


Nothing can beat watching live horse racing events in an actual venue. But of course, watching live horse racing events on television or online via your smartphone and other mobile devices is convenient and exciting. Regardless of the way you choose, the most important thing is you enjoy the experience, not missing the most exciting horse racing events of the year.

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