The 5 Most Significant Horse Races In The World

| May 25, 2022

Horse racing is one of the most renowned sports globally and it’s usually recognized by the aristocrats in society worldwide. Winners of a race receive huge prizes, while participants pay a wholesome amount to get a racing slot. Remarkably, the sport has some of the most high-profile events ever known in sports.

In this article, we’ve outlined the five most significant horse races in the world, together with all the information you need to know about them.

There are many horse racing events lined up for the year. These events always attract a high volume of bets. One of such high-profile events still expected this year is the Belmont Stakes in New York. Interested punters can now discover the top horses for the Belmont Stakes and make their betting plans accordingly.

The 5 most significant horse races in the world attract millions to watch

Most Valuable Horse Races In The World

While there are many horse race events in the world, some of them stand out. Read on to discover the five most rated events in the sport.

1. Epsom Derby

This is one of the foremost races in the modern era. Epsom Derby horse racing began as far back as 1780 in England. The event has a very high regard in history, culture, tradition, with an enduring legacy. 

Also, this is unarguably the most popular and celebrated English race. Famed across England as ‘The Derby,’ this horse race event awards the winner of the race an outstanding £850,650.

Interestingly, the Epsom Derby is graced by peers of the realm and the Royal Family. This event is still one of the favorites among individuals who aren’t able to attend live. Therefore, millions of Brits usually stream their loved horse racing live.

The Epsom Derby is an annual event that occurs on the first Saturday of June each year. Notably, it’s the middle pillar of the English Triple Crown — with the other two being St. Leger and the 2000 Guineas horse racing. 

Fillies and colts over three years old can partake in this long-distance race. The distance for the race is one mile, 4 furlongs, and 10 yards, or 1.5 miles.

2. Melbourne Cup

This well-known racing event in Australia has attained international recognition. The Melbourne Cup is loved across the globe for the amazing competitions it provides. It has been around since 1861 and active since then.

Located in Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne, with a distance of over 3,200 meters (or 2 miles), this offers racers one of the best opportunities to make money. Racers come from across the country and worldwide to compete for a $5.3 million cash prize.

Since its inception, the event has had only one three consecutive Melbourne Cup winner. The horse is Makybe Diva, the winner of 2003, 2004, & 2005 Melbourne Cup. 

3. The Dubai World Cup

The Dubai World Cup is a horse racing event with a whopping $12 million prize. Founded in 1996, it has been one of the most recognized horse racing events across the globe. This race is held every last Saturday in March and it’s held at the Meydan Racecourse Dubai, UAE.

This horse racing event provides a leveled ground for the best racehorses worldwide to contest the $12 million grand prizes. The dirt race track is about 2,012 meters (around 1.25 miles) in length. 

However, only horses aged three years and above are allowed in the Southern Hemisphere. At the same time, horses aged four years and above are permitted from the Northern Hemisphere.

The Dubai World Cup recently regained its legacy as the most luxurious horse race. It lost this title to the American-owned Pegasus World Cup in 2017. But, the American horse racing event dropped its prize from $16 million to $9 million, pushing The Dubai World Cup back to the top.

4. Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is known as one of the largest horse races in the world. The huge track covers 1.25 miles (2,000 meters) and requires only two minutes for the racers to complete their race. In addition, the Kentucky Derby isn’t new in the game, as it has been around since 1875, when it started.

This horse race is the climax of the United States horse racing calendar. To qualify, a horse must be at least 3-year-old. The horses in this event contest for a cash prize of $3 million.

The game gathers circa 150,000 fans from across the world. In addition, the race offers American gamblers a huge opportunity to bet on their favorite games.

The Kentucky Derby is also called the “race for the roses” because the winners of races are usually dressed in a floral blanket. It’s also known as the quickest two minutes in a sports event.

The quickest horse in the Kentucky Derby record is Secretariat, also known as “Big Red.” It was a horse known for its reddish-brown fur and for surmounting all other records in its 16 months racing career.

5. The Breeder’s Cup

The Breeder’s Cup is one of the most popular horse races globally. Its first race occurred in 1984, and it has been active since then. Being one of the richest horse races in the United States, the Breeder’s Cup offers racers a prize of $6 million.

The competition stands out from the crowd in various ways, one of which is that it doesn’t have a fixed venue for its events. It switches the location for its events. Most of its events have been held in the US, and one in Toronto, Canada.

The track is a 1.25-miles (or 2,000 meters) dirt track, and it accepts horses above three years. If you want to gamble on the racehorses, ensure to check out the top horses from official listings.


These are some of the most famous and renowned horse races worldwide. They each offer distinct features and opportunities for horse racers around the world, and they always deliver the most enthralling experience for fans.

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