The Biggest Horse Racing Events Around The World

| November 15, 2020

Horse racing has been something of interest for a very long time. There is no question about that. For as long as horses have been around and humans racing with them, horse racing has been there. Of course, the money that these races give out to winners and participants is always an incentive to keep it going. Some of the best jockeys of all time, have seen their net worth rise over the years, to obscene amounts like $400 million! So, that definitely explains as to another reason as to why this keeps on going.

For punters, racing is another thing completely. Racing odds are what keep punters excited and if anything entertained while the races are on! So, there are many positive factors that come out of the world of racing; we suppose that it would be wise, to actually talk about some of the most popular horse racing events in the world right about now too, right? Yeah, let’s.

Sheema Classic 

The Sheema Classic of course, needs no introduction. This horse racing event is one that occurs within the last weekend in the month of March. It takes place within Dubai, so one can imagine that it is quite a luxurious one and boasts etiquette and class. That is for sure. The surface that the horses race on is Turf, so it is different to the Dubai World Cup for example, which is another tournament to take place in Dubai.

A popular audience that watch this, include the Sheikhs and the princes of the entire UAE region. Although this race is relatively new within the world of racing, having only been founded within the year 1998, its fast become one of the most popular of the times. With a prize money of $6 million, we can definitely understand from a rider’s perspective, how this race is the one to watch out for, if you have skill and are looking to make some cash to pocket!

The race itself is only open to thoroughbreds that are of the age four and up. Meaning the horses will tend to have plenty experience and pretty much gearing to go. It is always a close call for horses, in terms of who makes the top three finalists! With room for over 80,000 people to sit back and watch, the audience provides an energy that is unmatched for any horse races out there.

Breeders Cup Classic

Again, another great classic, the Breeders Cup Classic takes place in the first weekend of November with different venues that take host for it, every single year. The track is always a dirt track though, so racers know exactly what to expect when they race each year. This track is 200 metres longer than the previous Sheema Classic, as it is 2000 metres long in total, making it 1.25 miles.

What do winners get to pocket out of this, you ask? Well winners get to pocket a total of $6 million cash and of course those that finish up to 10th place can pocket some nice incentives too, so it is a rewarding race to be a part of, if we may say so ourselves. The Breeders Cup’s biggest difference to the other races out there is that, you will be able to take part in multiple locations around the world, for the qualifiers; then around North America, once you are in for the final series for the champion for that year. Up until now, this is one of the most prestigious events ever to take place in horse racing, and many jockeys intensively prepare their horses for it, to ensure they are up to the task.

The race is open to horses that are of three years and above, so there is ultimately a little more leeway than that of the Sheema Classic for example.

Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe

The Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, is a race that occurs on the first Sunday in October. This race always takes place within the Longchamp Racecourse, within Paris of course. The track is 2400 metres long, making it roughly a 1.5 miles race that jockeys must race across turf for, in hopes of retrieving a $5.6 million prize cash award.

Without a doubt, this race is seen as one of the most prestigious within the history of racing and therefore has only excelled in terms of the venue and ambience that comes with this occasion. Many horses and jockeys try to rise to the occasion, as this is one of the best European privileges to have under your belt, be it a winner or not. It is an experience in itself, to be able to land this racing gig. However, of course it goes without saying that winning is what it is all about for any racer that attends. All horses that participate, must be of three years or older, but under no circumstances can gelding horses actually enter in this race.

Dubai World Cup

The Dubai World Cup is another prestigious event in the world of horse racing and again, it is located within the UAE, Dubai. This racing track is a dirt one, as it takes place within the Meydan Racecourse track. The track itself is 1.25 miles long, making it a 2000 metre track that horses must get around and across the finish line for, to complete.

This race is far more superior to the Sheema’s Classic, why? Well for starters, it gives winners a larger amount of money. A $12 million cash prize is available to anyone that can make it across the finish line for first place. This is practically double what was originally offered from the Sheema Classic. But jockeys always are cautious that their horses are physically ready for this track before they enter, as it is one of the most testing and famous tracks around the world, for any horse to venture across. The Dubai World Cup is one of the most valuable races that anyone can enter, and if you happen to have bagged this gig as a champion, your name will remain in the history of racing for quite some time, we will give you that!

Kentucky Derby 

The last to be mentioned within our list, the Kentucky Derby is one that occurs in late spring, on the first Saturday in May. It takes place within the race track of Churchill Downs in Kentucky USA. Although this race track does not give jockeys the most in money, at $3 million dollars, the track is one that has been around for quite some time in history. So, money or no money, it is definitely one that many find highly important, in racing seasons. All the biggest horses across the world enter, meaning it’s the one to watch for most people. Especially as it has been released through stats collected across the USA, over $133 million alone was wagered by punters alone from the past season, so it is definitely one that is held close to the heart of the audience, never mind the jockeys!

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