The Four Essential Rules to Betting Online in Australia

| March 13, 2019

The Land Down Under is no stranger to gambling. In fact, the total gambling expenditure for an adult in Australia was at least $1,251.39 in 2017 and its total race betting expenditure for the same year reached $3.313 billion. 

With online gambling making headway around the world, Australians are also getting hooked on online casinos and betting websites that offer everything from a good game of blackjack to betting on horseracing. 

Several legislations have been passed since online gambling became popular in the 90s in Australia. In 2001, the Australian Commonwealth Parliament passed the Interactive Gambling Act that aimed to control the number of real money online games played by Australians. 

But with international online casinos still accessible to citizens, the government had a difficult time regulating online gambling in the country. Another legislation called the Gambling Act was passed in 2017 to regulate gambling sites through proper licensing from Australian authorities. 

Nevertheless, Australia is still much more accepting to online gambling than other countries around the world, although recent changes in American legislation is already opening doors for online gambling to operate freely in the country. But to make your online gambling experience more fun and worthwhile in Australia, it’s very important to keep these four essential rules in mind:

1. Find the right casino 

With the Interactive Gambling Act passed in 2001 that targeted operators with illegal practices, many Australian gamblers find themselves in a unique situation where they are likely to play in international casinos and international gamblers get to play in their local online casinos. But it doesn’t matter if you’re playing in Australia or not, it’s very important to find the right casino to gamble in, one that’s credible and pays well to its customers. Do your research first to find online casinos you can play at from Australia that offer a mix of both traditional and new online games. You can also do the same when betting for sports like horseracing online. Always read reviews first so you’ll know which website has good reputation for bettors and which ones you should avoid. 

2. Verify the method of payment

While Australia’s gambling regulations are mostly focused on operators, the government can frown upon local banks accepting transactions from online gamblers. This is why it’s very important to verify first if the online casino or betting site that you’re gambling in accepts the method of payment that you have and most importantly, pays out in a way that’s accessible to you. 

For instance, you can ask about e-checks, prepaid debit cards and money transfers that are mostly used by gamblers in the country. 

3. Learn about currencies and taxes

Fortunately, Australia is a great place to gamble in because it doesn’t impose any tax obligations to players. This is due to the fact that gambling is considered as a game of luck in the country and that winnings are assumed to be balanced with losses. 

So, always remember to steer clear from online casinos that charge you tax because players are not obliged to pay anything in the country. When it comes to AUD options, on the other hand, you will not have a hard time finding online casinos that offer Australian currency in both accepting and giving out payments. 

This will make it easier for you to transact in AUD and not go through all the hassles in converting currencies or incurring extra charges during deposits and withdrawals. 

4. Always gamble responsibly

Online gambling is a good way to unwind and have fun while getting the chance to earn some money. But you also need to remember that too much gambling can also be harmful for you. 

So, aside from managing your bankroll properly, it’s also very important to set limits for yourself when gambling so you don’t get addicted to it and you’ll still have time for other things. The Australian Government also offers a responsible gaming program for all residents of its states and territories and it has a website where you can find useful information about gambling problems and how you can deal with them. Gamblers Anonymous is also another organization that offers help for people who have gambling addiction problems.

At the end of the day, gambling is still about having a good time and not focusing too much on winning. It is still pretty much a game of luck, after all, so you will lose at some point. Remember these rules and for sure, you will have an amazing time gambling in the Land Down Under.  

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