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The Newest Food And Drink Trends At The Races

| August 26, 2019
Food and drink at the races
Food and drink play a large part in the enjoyment of horse racing

Going to the races is a popular hobby and social event for many Australians that is about more than just betting. It brings people together and food and drink play a large part in this. Australia has many famous racecourses that attract locals and tourists, including those wanting to witness the Melbourne Cup, so it’s important that they cater to a wide range of tastes. Many of these racecourses offer everything from luxury dining in restaurants that overlook the racetracks to casual bars and snack bars. Racecourses are following many of the latest food and drink trends to keep their variety of guests well catered for and happy, while they watch the races and enjoy the social aspect that comes with it.

Fine dining at Perth’s Ascot racecourse 

Perth’s Ascot racecourse offers a variety of high-quality options as they have the Flying Colours restaurant, casual bars, and the 1848 members-only lounge for a fine dining experience. As with most racecourses, food is seasonal and always follows the latest trends. One food trend for 2019 is goat following last year’s global Goatober campaign, which aimed at getting goats from the dairy industry on menus to avoid them going to waste. It’s a versatile meat and can easily be worked into fine dining menus at racecourses, so expect to see this becoming a more popular option due to the just added Royal vending machines Melbourne products.

Gold Coast’s GCTC

The Gold Coast’s GCTC racecourse has several different dining options. The Gallery Restaurant is currently all about the seafood buffet that they’re dishing up. It includes fresh Queensland tiger prawns, smoked Atlantic salmon, steamed Barramundi, and freshly shucked oysters. They also offer antipasto, seasonal vegetables, artisan breads, internationally-inspired dishes, and roasts. Dessert includes pastries, a seasonal fruit platter, and Australian cheeses with lavoush. Of course, this is as much about the food as it is the races as the restaurant is over several tiers so that everyone has a great view of the tracks while keeping an open and inclusive atmosphere. People are wanting food hall-style dining more than ever, liking the social aspect of it, so this ticks all the boxes.

Enjoying a glass or two of wine 

What better way is there to celebrate a win or just enjoy yourself at the races than with some wine? While wine isn’t a new trend, using it as an ingredient to make delicious cocktails is becoming more popular. Qantas white wine is perfect for cocktails as it’s high-quality and mixes well with other flavours, such as elderflower, rose, and different fruits. There’s also a rise in people seeking low and no alcohol beverages, particularly younger generations, and this will be seen in wine options too. Of course, people still want non-alcoholic wines to be of the same high standards as alcoholic versions, so flavour is essential. Alcohol-free wines also means that mocktails are expected to seriously up their game to keep everyone catered for. 

Rum is no longer just a pirate’s drink 

Sales of rum are skyrocketing at the moment, particularly amongst millennials. One of the biggest reasons for this is because it’s so accessible as there’s something for everyone. Rum can be strong, sweet, a harsh white spirit, dark served on the rocks, in cocktails, or served with a mixer. Rum can also be used as an ingredient, such as in sweet desserts, or in coffees at the end of the races before heading home. As the races attract all sorts of people, this makes rum a perfect beverage that will be served up more and more.

A tweak on some favourites 

Burgers, hot dogs, pizzas, ice creams, and chips are still a firm favourite at the races and are usually offered at snack bars. Generally, the best way to transform these classics to meet current trends is to stick to local ingredients and keep everything homemade as this instantly ups the quality of the food and usually improves its nutritional value, helping it to appeal to the emerging wave of health-conscious people. Gourmet burgers made with different types of meat and served with homemade sauces and artisanal cheeses on ciabatta buns are a great way to up the burger game. Pizzas can also use artisanal cheese to transform them into something really special, while chips can be made from sweet potatoes for a healthier version. 

For racecourses to stay current and cater for their wide array of both local guests and tourists it’s essential for them to follow the latest food and drink trends, while offering a variety of different options. Having different types of dining options is one of the best ways many of the big racecourses do this as those wanting a private, fine dining experience that overlooks the racetrack are catered for, just as people happy to be a part of the crowd and grab food and drinks on the go are.

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