The Ultimate Lowdown on Kentucky Derby 2019

| March 14, 2019
Horse racing is a great medium for betting, full of excitement and challenge.

The popularity of sports betting in Australia is at an all-time high right now. With so many sports options available throughout the year, there is a sense of excitement that bookmakers and punters try to capture whenever an event of significant importance is taking place around the world. 

When it comes to horse racing, there is an enthusiasm surrounding the major races of the year that is both electrifying and infectious. But these racing events are a lot more than just about making big money. Fashion is an integral part of horse racing as are the jockeys. In addition to that, the racetrack adds a particular character to the competition.

America, very much like Australia and the UK, has a traditional outlook towards horse racing. An advantage of being part of a good betting site is that they allow wagers on events that take place in various countries. When it comes to horse racing, the Kentucky Derby is the most significant event there is. Not only that, Churchill Downs is among the most iconic racing tracks in America, and plays host to the contest in May every year. One of the oldest racing competitions in America, the Derby started in 1875. The tradition has continued since then with an increase in the prize money, now at $2 million, making the Derby a must for horse racing enthusiasts.

Horse racing, and especially the Kentucky Derby, is a competition best enjoyed with friends. It is not necessary to be in the US to place a bet on the race, and similarly, you can enjoy the experience of watching the event with friends on TV anywhere in the world. Kentucky Derby, which is approximately 2 kilometres long, and lasts about 2 minutes, is all about recreating a fun atmosphere, be it at home, in a pub, or on a giant screen in a public park.   

The Kentucky Derby is the pinnacle for sports betting in the United States.

While the Kentucky Derby is the most anticipated and watched race, punters will be happy to know that it is part of a festival that presents quite a few money-making opportunities. However, nothing comes close to the main race, held on the first Saturday of May. When it comes to mega sporting events such as the Kentucky Derby, there’s no excuse for fans, enthusiasts, amateurs as well as professionals bettors to not get into the race and enjoy horse betting, along with all the celebrations that surround it. Moreover, an astute bettor would be keen to keep an eye on the advance odds for the race, as it’s an excellent opportunity to grab some awesome bargains and increase profits. 

When looking to place bets on the Kentucky Derby, it is a good idea to start early and monitor all the leading horses. If you are sure about the horse you want to bet on, then right now is the best time to go about with it. While 2018 saw Justify win the Kentucky Derby, the hot favourites with the bookmakers in 2019 are Garter and Tie and Game Winner, listed at 5/1 and 6/1 respectively to win. Even with these two horses leading the odds game presently, it is worth checking out Improbable at 18/1 and Instagrand at 14/1 who are quite strong contenders and should be among the top finishers. 

The critical part about betting on horses is to spread out the wagers. The options are quite diverse and include simple bets such as pick the winner, Win, to Trifectas and Exactas where a punter must bet on the exact position their horse will end the race. For a newcomer, the options of Pick 4 or Pick 6 are quite good, as is Show where you are a winner as long as the horse ends up among the first three finishers.

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