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| March 13, 2018

Betting advice from the Queen

The Queen has made over £6 Million from her race horses in the last 30 years, what is her secret to owning a good runner? You might say, and probably quite rightly, that the Queen should be focusing her energy on serving our country and ensuring that she tries to justify her quite expensive (to the public purse) position as Queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms.

However, passed down through generations of Royals is an insatiable passion for the nags, and Elizabeth II is no different. She regularly enjoys an early morning horse ride and the Racing Post is one of her staples to read over her breakfast and a cup of tea which means she’s probably more informed than most in horse racing circles and could undoubtedly give you a few tips in the Gold Cup betting at The Festival. She also quite often attends many horse racing meetings around the country. This along with having near infinite resources and access to many of the world’s top trainers has meant she’s a pretty successful owner in her own right.

According to her National Hunt Racing Manager, Sir (of course he’s been knighted) Michael Oswald, the Queen’s love and understanding of the nags and horse racing has been the biggest reason for her success. Whilst many owners would focus on the performance on the racetrack, the Queen is known to take an in-depth interest in the breeding of her horses and regularly visits her aptly named Royal Stud in Sandringham to check and assess the development of them.

All of the Queen’s horses are bred and foaled at the Royal Stud in Sandringham. They are then raised at Polhampton Stud in Hampshire before being passed on to the training facilities of her chosen trainer. These facilities are obviously state-of-the-art and ensure that her race horses get the proper upbringing and development they need in order to compete at the highest level.

This has meant that since 1988, horses owned by Her Majesty have won a grand total of 451 races, with a win percentage of 15.9. To put this in to context, this regularly has her sitting fairly high up the list of owners in terms of winners.

In financial terms the Queens horses actually do make her a fair amount of money. Over the course of her 30 year involvement with racing she’s made around £6.7 million pounds. This would work out on average about £223,000 per year which for us mere mortals wouldn’t be sniffed at. Her best ever year was 2016 when she raked in a total of £557,650. Whilst Buckingham Palace claims the majority of this money goes back into the training and development of her current stable, shared between the trainers and the jockeys, they wouldn’t comment on the specifics which makes it more likely that Liz pockets some of the cash.

She’s known to be partial to a Curly Wurly, or 3, so I bet that on £223,000+ per year she can afford to indulge on as many chocolate bars as she likes.

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