Tips to bet on horseraces

| July 29, 2020
How to bet on horse races

Placing a bet in modern times can be done close to home from the comfort of your own room. Betting on horse racing can often be a very complex task as it is completely different from betting on other sports. Are you one of those people who have no idea what horse racing and betting on horse racing involve? Then carefully read this guide with tips to broaden your knowledge about the different types of horse racing, how to bet on the horse race and so much more. There’s different parameters to take into account.

Types of races

Horse races are ridden in two different forms: with or without obstacles. The distances of races are different for each course and are usually 1200, 1600 or 2400 meters for races without obstacles. In the races with obstacles, the speed is usually lower and a longer distance is ridden, usually between 2800 and 4500 meters. Before the race starts the jockeys and their horses are put on the starting gates and when they are opened the race starts.

The basics

The simplest bet when betting on horse racing is the profit bet. You bet, as the name says, on the winner of the race. You can bet on as many horses as you like to increase your odds, but don’t forget to look at the stats of the different horses. Some horses are stronger in certain types of races, and the shape level, always indicated on the horse itself, gives you an indication of how well the horse performed in previous races. Bets can be made on a particular horse, its place (first or second finish) or on a podium (first, second or third finish) – or all three with an overall bet. An exacta means that the first two horses are chosen correctly, or in a random order with a combination known as a box bet (1-2 or 2-1, for example). You can also bet each-way, which means for a win and a place on a single ticket.

When betting on horse races, you will notice that you can choose between the current rating or SP. SP (starting price) means that you bet that the horse will win, with the quotations as determined at the start of the race. If you expect a quotation to rise but a horse will win, it is interesting to bet on it.

Superfecta bets (choosing the first four horses) are also possible, as are exotic bets such as Pick 3 and Pick 6 which require choosing the winning horses in multiple races. A Pick 3 and a Pick 6 are the hardest to predict, leading to rollover jackpots that can be very lucrative. But they are probably best left to more seasoned gamblers.

Do your homework

Determining who to bet on can start with a daily race program that lists participants for each race and certain information such as odds, jockey, trainer, silk, saddlecloth color and past performance. They can be obtained at the racetrack, at the simulcast location or on a  website about horses and sports.


Without betting, it would be very doubtful that horse racing would exist as a sport today. Indeed, it is difficult to dissociate betting and horse racing. The betting industry is at the base of this sport, if you see the fans shouting about their foal in the last lap it is not for nothing! They bet big on it. There are 2 types of bettors: the one who trusts chance and bets on his lucky number and then there is the strategist, the one who, before betting, evaluates the races according to all the precious information he has gathered in order to put all the odds on his side. Obviously, you want to be the second type of player. But it’s a real full-time job, trying to decode each race is essentially a puzzle! Moreover, the rules, regulations and types of bets to place money on horse races vary from one country to another. Fortunately, there are many sites that specialize in horse race betting tips, tactics and predictions. They will help you choose the right strategy on each bet, based on numbers, statistiques and infos, and even help you build a solid system adapted to the type of bettor you are.

An example : when betting, the smaller the chance of a bet, the greater the payout. In horse racing, the odds are not finalized before the race starts. This is known as pari-mutuel betting. This is different from sports betting, where gamblers get the odds that are available at the time they make their bet.

And while sports betting was extensively allowed in several states of America last year after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states can legalize sports betting, it doesn’t include horse racing. In fact, even in most states that have legalized sports betting, a bet on horse racing remains restricted to the racetrack, as long as the sport examines how to apply this new legislation in terms of competition and profit.

By the way, the village has a new betting partnership for horse racing fans that’s worth checking out. It’s an exciting move in 2020, particularly for Australian horse racing punters.

Know your limits

No matter how rewarding it may be to cash a winning bet, the desire to win more or recoup inevitable losses can be intoxicating – and risky. When novice or inexperienced gamblers place bets on horse races, it should be for entertainment purposes, not income. Know when to stop and be aware of your limits.

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