Top 10 Racehorses in Australia since 1990

| January 26, 2021

When we think Australian horse racing, there is no doubt that we think of the thoroughbreds that have contributed to the sport and supported the nation, by giving it a prestigious name and reputation. Looking back on the last three decades, gives us some great leeway to pick out the deserving talent. There is no doubt about that. In particular, to when it comes to the gold retired legends that really did bless our screens and wallets. 

It was thanks to Australia’s horse racing talent that contributed to the popularity of sports betting. It is clear to see that Aussie sports betting is becoming more and more popular, thanks to huge Aussie stars like Winx for example. So, we thought it would be a good time to revisit these legends and take a walk down memory lane, for the success stories that Australia has to share from 1990’s onwards horse racing!


Winx of course is a great example, for success. Trained by Chris Walker, we know that this horse represents the best history and track record within horse racing. There is no doubt that over the past few decades, has any horse managed to achieve better. Before getting into the won titles, Winx has managed to take home a total of almost $26.5 million in prize money from all the horse races entered and won combined. 

In terms of her versatility in racing, she has managed to win different races that range from 1100, 1500, and all the way up to 2200 metres. She of course attempted to win a 2400 and only missed it by a fraction, giving her second place. That was of course the only time she ever entered into a 2400 metre race. She has a stroke of luck and talent, with a total of 32 wins, some of which being the famous Queen Elizabeth Stakes for example. A particular favourite streak of wins for Winx, was the four consecutive stakes Chipping Norton Stakes, same again with the George Ryder Stakes, and of course the Queen Elizabeth Stakes, which we have already mentioned her being very good at!

Let us face it. Win is the best we have ever seen up to now. Full stop.

Black Caviar 

Black Caviar is trained by Peter Moody. This horse has raced a total of 25 times and managed to win 24 of them, with one loss leading to second place. The consistency is unseen and very much a definition of success. As from the moment this horse began to race, she was reeling in the wins like there was no tomorrow. It explains how she comfortably managed to make almost $8 million dollars from just those races.

Many of you think why Black Caviar has not surpassed Winx, and the reason being is the fact she has not shown the same versatility that Winx has shown, when it comes to the length of the horse racing tracks. Black Caviar only has gone from races up to 1400 metres, which winx has managed to exceed by 1000 metres and come second place just once, in the maximum range of distance. Nevertheless, Black Caviar is a legend, no?

Makybe Diva

Makybe will be one of the most remembered horses within horse racing history of Australia. Not many would disagree with us here, because the fact she won 3 Melbourne Cups alone, certainly says a lot, in addition to adding the Cox Plate, BMW, Memise, Turnbull Stakes and the Australian Cup. That explains as to why Diva has managed to make up to $14.5 million dollars from prize money within the tournaments. Certainly, a champion that will not be forgotten, no doubt.


Before all the contenders that we have listed above, Sunline was the mare and pioneer of the times. No mare has ever been able to accomplish the success that she has. From the moment of her conception, she was winning races all around Australia. Her career highlights 32 wins, 12 pacings within 48 races. Four times within her career was when she missed the first place in a race, even though many thought her travels internationally to participate in races would buckle her chances of the top prize. No, she managed to prove everyone wrong.

So You Think 

So, you Think would have challenged all the horses from the podium placing. The Cox Plate wins were thoroughly entertaining to watch; really making us wonder how many more he would have won if he was allowed to stay. However, his trainers wanted him to venture north to see further opportunities and titles. Of course, that decision was a good one, even though a loss to Australia of course. He managed to bring home the Aiden O’Brien for 6 times and the Group 1 Level five times.


Lonhro was better than most of the rivals present within the year 2002. He managed to finish at 6th and then third in 2003 for Northerly and the Fields of Omagh. If Lonhro managed to stay put, he would have for sure conquered the Cox Plates. There is a reason as to why he managed to win 26 out of 33 races. He was pretty versatile for a middle-distanced horse. For this reason, we believe that history will most probably judge him for his failures rather than his successes. But we believe number six is a justified place indeed!


Northerly Had managed to jam pack so many races within a five-year duration, that not many have been able to achieve within history. Despite the physical toll it would take out of many horses, he still brought consistency to the racing track. Coming in as a winner of one after another Cox Plates, in addition to the Caulfield Cup and Plate Double, winning the Australian Cup is the cherry on top of the career. He certainly was a marvel to horse bettors and enthusiasts everywhere. The style of racing that he showed off, was perfect for winning the hearts of people everywhere. It was just like that really.

Takeover Target 

Takeover Target is a champion thoroughbred trained by Joe Janiak. The story of this horse represents the huge leap from rags to the great riches of Australian horse racing. You will find that the trainer managed to buy this thoroughbred originally for $1250 back in the year 2003 and the horse then managed to surpass $6 million in prize money from the moment it took part within the stakes.

Takeover battled some joint issues as a young horse, so for that reason he did not make the debut within the races that everyone had wished he did, until he was four years old. Most horses make their debut at two years old, but this never deflected him of his course, due to the absence and delay. 

Debuting back in April 2004, Takeover Target managed to win seven consecutive races one after the other with huge aggression and power. The last victory he managed to take was the Group 1 Salinger at the Flemington, which represented how elite he was in the game. The most memorable victory was when Takeover Target took the northern NSW. There many speculated and spoke of the possibility of the horse being the best of the times and one they have never seen before. The last race that Takeover Target had taken within his career, was the 2009 Morphettville, where he won and really proved that destiny works in mysterious ways.


Chautauqua was the rogue horse that didn’t win 9 of the 10 races before his career completed. Yet despite only taking away one win, he demonstrated impeccable speed for a horse, especially for the turf records within the past two decades at least. We can say that Chautauqua is one of the best thoroughbred horses that have raced within a lifetime, because he consistently showed the speed.

Wins that distinguished the quality of speed, was during the three wins from the TJ Smith Stakes onwards. There was confirmation of the horse’s ability but also was the primary reason that allowed him to take over Hong Kong too, shortly after. The TJ Smith was the most memorable win for many, due to the defying of logic and probabilities that betting odds had against him that day. Being so back of the race track, the last 400 metres were conquered due to the speed he mustered within the last momentum of the race. Tommy Berry the jockey managed to kindle that fire within the horse. It makes for an entertaining reply, so do yourself a favour and watch it.


Choisir may not be the selection of many, when compared to the other horse legends we have presented within our list. Yet nevertheless he has been selected due to the versatility he presented within his black-type race opportunities. The Golden Slipper and the Champagne Stakes are highlights that make the horses’ career. In addition to this the moment shown during the Lightning stakes where Glen Boss made a hero moment and rode him very much solo from the outside straight. Entertainingly good!

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