Top 5 horses to bet in Kentucky Derby this 2022

| April 26, 2022

Horse racing has been a well-attended event since the 10th century, as it excites many horse racing aficionados and spectators, and of course, it is where horse betting happens. The newcomers in betting tend to ask questions to the veterans in the sports on which horses they should bet on, or what breed of horse is suitable for racing, or who has a higher chance to win the sport, and so on.

This guide will help you learn about the horses that could win you a ton of money for your bet based on their performance and achievements, together with their handlers that are also performing well in races today. 

Making this as a basis for your bets will increase your probability of winning more of your bets during the horserace.

Life is Good

Life is good is a thoroughbred horse that is considered the number 1 in the world today according to the Longines world’s best racehorse ranking and the trainer Todd A. Pletcher. Also, the rider of this horse is the world’s best jockey Irad Ortiz Jr. who got the Eclipse Award for an outstanding jockey in 2018. Alongside it is his four wins at the 2019 Breeder’s Cup event.

Life is good is a top 1 horse that is a favorite in racing today because of its breed. Since the thoroughbreds are known for their speed and intelligence, they also have muscular bodies, long legs, and broadheads which makes this horse first in the world’s ranking. Another thing to note is that their team is part of the 2022 top trainers and horses, which is good to bet.

2022 Kentucky Derby
Horses to bet in the Kentucky Derby 2022

Emblem Road

Horse discipline does matter depending on the trainer that honed the horse in the first place. That’s why emblem road is the number 2 racehorse globally. Its trainer Metab Almulawah and its jockey Wigberto Ramos completed the 1,800-meter affair in the final time of 1:50.52, making it a remarkable performance.

Emblem Road is also a thoroughbred, which is not surprising since thoroughbreds have proven that most of the horses in their bloodline are performing quite nicely in horse racing since they are known for speed and agility. During the Saudi Cup, Emblem Road defeated Country Grammer in the late stage on February 26, 2022.

Home Affairs

Looking at the top contenders in horse racing does matter when it comes to horse racing since most of the horses on leaderboards can give a promising performance. With this, Home Affairs is number 3 on the ranking board with its trainer Chris Waller. The jockey James McDonald carries the achievement New Zealand apprentice title 2010, New Zealand jockey premiership 2010, Sydney Jockey Premiership 2019.

Home Affairs is a thoroughbred that trained to win races, especially when it traveled strongly to reach 200m out in the front. Home Affairs also won the race against Short Neck, where it’s one of the fastest horses in the field.

Country Grammer

Being on the leaderboards of horse racing is not a joke; it takes skills and attitude to be one of the best in the horse racing industry. Baffert Bob and his jockey Dettori Frankie train country grammar, with a flooding achievement including six Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, and won twice in Golden Horn Enable.

Country Grammer is also a thoroughbred known for its speed and discipline displayed in the field. Country Grammer won on May 31 the Gold cup for his first grade 1 score. He also won three of eight starts in the peter pan stakes 2020. No wonder he’s included in the top leaderboard of the horse racing industry.

Jet Dark

Finally, one of the best horses in the top 5 winning horses is also one of the fastest horses in the field. Jet Dark with its trainer Seamus Snaith and its jockey Grant Van Niekerk. Grant Van Niekerk has created a reputation as an outstanding jockey who had achieved and collected 10 group ones in his country while riding more than 100 winners in the last season, making his career achieve a high tally above 700.

When betting, Jet Dark is the last thoroughbred that you should consider since he achieved the top 5 of the fastest horses in horse racing in 2022. Jet Dark successfully defended the title in January with the two ¼ length win against Kommetdieding; from here onwards, Jet Dark earns $2 million at FanDuel Breeders’ cup mile through the breeder cup challenge.

Final Thoughts

Horse racing is fun, especially for the veterans, and more likely for rookies once you already know what horse you should be betting on. Horse racing doesn’t always consider the breed of the horse used in the field. But it’s the discipline and attitude towards the race and the jockey that makes it a winner. Pick your horses wisely to have a higher chance of winning your bets, and always remember to have fun.

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