Top 5 Jockeys to Look Out for in 2016

| April 30, 2016

William Pike riding Celebrity Miss

A winning formula in horse racing is 45% about the horse, 45% about the jockey and 10% sheer luck. A good jockey can make all the difference and it is always a good idea to keep an ear to the ground for the jockeys performing the best throughout the season if you want a good grasp on how Sportsbet Horse racing will turn out.

Here is a list of the top 5 jockeys so far in 2016 that are racking up the wins and bringing in the big money:

1. William Pike

William Pike is topping the national leader board so far this year with a super impressive 42 wins from 214 starts, with 17 of those wins coming in March alone. The 20 year old is set for a big year this year with his stats currently showing him at 50% place rate so far in 2016. His best form seems to be in a field of 8-10 competitors running on fair ground across a distance of 1000-1300 meters, so if you see his name on the racing post he is definitely your man to watch. So far, Pike has amassed a huge $50,690,518 in winnings this year and is set to continue his winning form into the big festivals and meets throughout the year.

2. Dean Yendall

With a very impressive 45 number one spots this year, Dean Yendall is a close second in this top 5 run down. Yendall and Pike are virtually neck and neck in the winning steaks but its Pike’s percentage of wins which just tops Yendall’s 47%-win rate. Yendall has slowly been improving his win rate over the last 5 years becoming a much better jockey over all surfaces. Yendall has proved himself a fantastic all round jockey but he seems to be excelling in middle distance races with a place percentage of 52%. He is going to be giving Pike a run for his money all season.

3. James Orman

19-year-old James Orman is a young man making a big noise in the racing world. His stats have seen huge improvements in the mere 4 years of his young career and he is now challenging the big dogs for the title of best jockey for 2016. With 10 first places from just 89 races this month, Orman is set for a big year and his impressive stats racing on all types of ground conditions show that he may be young but he is not lacking in experience.

4. Brenton Avdulla

While the start of 2016 has not been the best few months for Avdulla, his form over the last 5 years shows he is not one to be written off. Avdulla’s stats show his place rate between 35 and 40% over the last five years, showing a steady and formidable performance throughout the year. While other jockeys may be flashier, Avdulla is a testament to how perseverance pays off. Is you’re looking for a safe and steady bet then Avdulla is your man.

5. Damian Lane

Damian Lane arrived on the racing scene in a big way with his totally tally of winners in the 2012/2013 season ending on 106. The last two seasons Lane has achieved the distinction of riding 100 winners and has even spent time riding in Hong Kong. He is now back in Australia and making waves in a big way. So far 2016 has seen him ride to first place 31 times and place a further 42 times. This young man is set to achieve big things in the racing world with the aim to graduate into the upper echelon of the Victorian jockey ranks.

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