World Horse Racing alliance

| May 25, 2018

A new global alliance for horse racing

A New Global Partnership to Promote Horse Racing

The Victoria Racing Club, or VRC, has created a partnership with a collection of diverse racing brands with the intention to set World Horse Racing in motion: a brand-new global media company which has been created to promote the sport.

International Alignments to Generate the Platform

Much to the delight of betting sites throughout Australia and the rest of the world, the VRC has aligned with the Goodwood and Ascot racecourses in the United Kingdom and the Breeders’ Cup in America to generate this new digital platform. It is set to place a heavy focus on the world of social media, with free content to be made available on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The Story of International Thoroughbred Racing

In a press release which was coordinated by the four partners, World Horse Racing has been described as a pioneering new media company which will be dedicated to telling the tale of international Thoroughbred horse racing.

It is set to provide fans with exclusive access to the thrilling, glamorous culture of one of the world’s most fascinating sports, and will focus on the astonishing athletes and engaging personalities which make it up, both equine and human. This will be alongside the coverage of the festivals that stage the biggest sporting spectacles on earth.

World Horse Racing is set to connect the stars with their fans by making a platform for the best in content generated by users a possibility. The VRC, home to the Lexus Melbourne Cup, with the exclusive Australian partner in the partnership. Amanda Elliott, Chairman of the VRC, said that this represents an important pillar of the strategic direction and planning being undertaken at Board level.

She went on to say that the VRC was delighted to witness their ambitious vision of the future coming to life. She added that the VRC was eagerly anticipating this alliance, which would not only showcase the glorious sport that is horse racing, but would enhance the reach, engagement, and global brand of the sport as well.

The Chief Executive of the VRC, Neil Wilson, stated that their commitment to World Horse Racing would assist in the push of gaining a wider audience around the world for the Flemington and the Melbourne Cup Carnival. He stated that the VRC is the one and only Australian partner, and only club located in the southern hemisphere which would be involved in World Horse Racing, and that it would allow the VRC to elevate its brand and the awareness of the Melbourne Cup Carnival, not to mention the other race days as well, all over the world.


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